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Kaya's A Rock. Mandy's An Island.

Mandy. She slinks from the trees and lets out a fake-nice and breathy "Hiiii." She surprises Mark L. Walberg by hugging him. "Aw, you have a hug for me," skillfully ad-libs Mark L. Walberg, overwhelmed. Dude, Mandy has a hug for everyone. Mark L. Walberg sits her down and then perches on his log. "What's up?" she asks. They go back and forth. He's still smiling from all the attention and affection; he's very much unused to it. He tells Mandy that he wants to have a few moments with her to talk about her "emotional ride." He asks what the best part of her experience was. She immediately launches into a thing about coming to meet people and miss Billy and "have the absence-makes-the-heart-grow-stronger trick work like magic, cuz it has before, but then [she] realized the best part of [her] trip was last night, because that's when [she] realized [she] learned the most about herself." Okay. I still find it very sad that she had this intense need to get away from Billy and see him mack on other women, but hey, at least she's honest. And she's certainly not afraid to make her hair look fucking scary on national TV, so that's a plus. She says that last night it stopped being a party and started becoming a journey. Mark L. Walberg licks his lips and then agrees with her, saying that was the reason why they came there, because they had some questions that needed answering. He somehow lamely turns his statement into a question, wondering if she found any answers. "You have no idea," Mandy says. He continues that she might hear things she doesn't want to, but mostly, we know, she herself might be saying some shit that Billy ain't gonna wanna hear. She says, "Well, wow. Of course I don't want to hurt Billy. But surprisingly, I've somehow prepared myself to say a few things that I just have to say, some of which I know he's not going to want to hear."

Mark L. Walberg asks what drew her to Jon. "The fact that he's alive and has a cock," she replies. No, instead she says that it is his shyness. She goes on to say that after seeing the tapes, she started to realize that Billy was losing his "reserveness [sic]," which is what Mandy liked about Billy in the first place, and what she took pride in being able to bring him out of. Man, that's wacky. Billy is losing his shyness, and so she hooks up with someone who cannot overshadow her, the way she's afraid Billy might now be able to. Issues, party of Mandy, your table is ready. She goes on to say that she had the "best" time and that she happened to be with the perfect guy in the perfect place. Right, Jon in her vagina. Mark L. Walberg brings up the videotape of Billy doing the striptease and how she was afraid she was looking at the new Billy. She says coldly that she will "support however he ever is [sic]," but that it just might not be with her. Man. "Well said," tools Mark L. Walberg. He thanks her.

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