Temptation Island
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Kaya's A Rock. Mandy's An Island.

Out comes Billy. They sit, not looking at each other. It's weird how they keep doing that. Billy's shadow crosses Mandy's face, as he comes to sit next to her, which is kind of a cool lighting effect, if it's purposeful. Billy chews and jaws and rubs his head until he finally looks at her, the most intense look in his arsenal. Dude, lighten up. Seriously. Please. Have an Eskimo Pie or some shit, cuz your ass needs to chill. Mandy kind of looks at him sideways. The Strings of Sucking Every Last Revenue Dollar We Can Out of This Final Episode play as we go once again to commercial.

Moon. Music. Bonfire. Mark L. Walberg says his shit about saying what's in your heart and being honest and concluding with their final decision. He tells Mandy to go first. Ha, it's raining now. Cool. Way to work out your contingency plans, Fox. Your ducks are in a crooked line. Billy looks at her. She looks down. She puts on her "intense" voice, as opposed to her shrill-and-drunk-ho-voice, and talks about how at bonfire she was given the option to look at tapes, and the one that bothered her the most was Billy giving a striptease to a bunch of girl hos. Billy painfully laughs. We see a shot of that night. She says that she doesn't think she's ever been so furious in her "entire life." She says that she was "borderline out-of-control." Borderline? Feels like she's going to loose her mind. Billy keeps on pushing her love over it. She sluts on that when she was able to regroup (read: suck face drunkenly with the boy hos) she realized she was so mad because she thought she was seeing a side of Billy that he'd kept hidden from her. Dude. I don't get this chick. I guess I'm pretty much the only male in North America who hasn't gotten her. She whispers on that the major thing she learned -- the one thing he probably doesn't want to hear (he rubs his head) -- is that she could give herself the "power" to let go of Billy. Mark L. Walberg looks concerned. Billy is livid. She continues, "I had an intimate moment with someone." We see her and Jon kissing. Sadly, Billy probably thinks she's talking about the tape he already saw of her and Johnny and the nipple-licking. She continues, "And though it was nice, and comforting, it wasn't you. It wasn't my boyfriend. I want us to be together for the rest of our lives, and I never want to play this game again." Billy looks upset, as usual. She rubs her mouth. He looks down. He hasn't had his moment and goddamn it he's going to have it.

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Temptation Island




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