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Previously...Lady bonfire. Shannon broke down and freaked, crying that this was her suggestion and she's alone and it really sucks. Catherine was stuck between Rossi and Brian ("her animal passion"). Meanwhile, Edmundo got down with Smoker Linda, not believing that he could feel this strongly about another one of the girl hos...particularly since he blew his wad, figuratively and literally, on Hillary. Final boy bonfire. Mark was "mad" that Kelley was macking with Keebler Tom. Tommy was pissed to find Fire Tommy unrolling his hose all up on his girlfriend. Edmundo was shaking. Lady bonfire again, coming up!

Island Prettiness. Island Prettiness. The Pan Flutes of Costa Rica's Impending Freedom From Being Skank Central plays as the ladies walk up to bonfire. Mark L. Walberg greets them and, as usual, no one says anything. (Girls ignore him, just like in high school, just like now, just like Mom....) Finally, as they rest their implants on the bench, Mark L. Walberg tries again, begging, "Hi!" Feeling terrible for him -- terrible for being so impatient and annoyed by guys like Mark L. Walberg their whole pretty lives -- the ladies finally respond. He smiles like he just ate a pint of Chubby Hubby; it almost feels as good, too...almost. Mark L. Walberg blahs about choices and final decisions, launching into his speech about sometimes knowing cameras are there and sometimes not knowing...and this is a chance to see their guys when they might not have known they were being filmed. Nikkole takes a deep breath, vaguely remembering seeing a little red light high up on the far wall as Fire Tommy unscrewed her hydrant. Shannon is first; she bitches that she was first last time, but Mark L. Walberg doesn't care. Nikkole has to remind Shannon that she agreed to let them all see the tape. The girls gather around. Tape. It's John hugging Nayla in Night-Vision and grabbing her ass and then snuggling, his finger tracing a line on her stomach. And that's it. All the ladies back off a tiny bit, wondering if Mount St. Shannon is going to blow. But it doesn't. She says she's okay and deludes that it was what she expected -- him bonding with Nayla -- and she wouldn't expect less. She goes on, so sadly -- so very sadly -- that it looks like John formed a "good emotional connection" with Nayla, and hopefully he got some questions answered. Mark L. Walberg probes, and Shannon goes further into fairy land, lying that Nayla looked upset and they weren't even in a very intimate place...well, they were in bed, she concedes, but still. Catherine looks over, smirking. Shannon says John is finding out answers and Nayla is going to get hurt; at least, that's what she hopes. Mark L. Walberg can barely believe it, and just says, "Okay."

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