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You Don't Have To Go Ho, But You Can't Stay Here

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Edmundo and Tommy sit in their room and discuss how both of their girls dogged them. Edmundo says he feels empty as Tommy says something about his blood boiling. They both take off their necklaces, which are supposed to remind them of their girls. Edmundo laughs. Tommy continues to talk about the necklace. He camera-talks that he could care less...which means, since he fucked up the saying, that he cares, since that indicates there is a degree of apathy below the one in which he currently resides.

Ladies' side. They all hang on the beach, drinking and barbecuing. Mark L. Walberg arrives, and everyone disses him, bummed that he's there. He goes on that final date selection will be tomorrow and thus, this is the last night on the island for the bootees-to-be. In a clever move, he makes a point of announcing that whatever happens from now on, the men will have no opportunity to see...except, of course, when the couples watch the show together. Oops. Everyone laughs and claps and Mark L. Walberg says he's going to go. Nobody tries to stop him or offer him a drink, so he khakis off, really thinking about joining a gym back on the mainland, and also thinking he should get a girlfriend. Somehow. Some way.

Keebler Tom announces that he's available for final date. Someone says that he should add that he's "frisky." I don't know. That's pretty gay. Keebler Tom camera-tools that they had a great party with food and fires and a limbo contest. Yeah, we see a limbo contest. How...something. The couples chill as others limbo. Shannon says that instead of going hedonistic, they all went swimming and chatted and stayed more focused on "each other." Well, how fucking boring for us. Thanks! Brian and Catherine kiss. Others romp in the waves and whooooo!

Brian camera-talks that Catherine has been acting different because she saw the tape of Edmundo and thus, he brings it up to her and talks about Edmundo; he thinks, then, that might have been a mistake, because Catherine ends up getting upset. We see them in Night-Vision, and get subtitles. Brian is helpfully reminding her that her boyfriend was sucking on some girl's titties, and she should be pissed. Catherine camera-talks that Brian's babbling pissed her off. It continues. This is a way to get into her pants, but maybe not the best way. He camera-talks that he's not trying to come here and sleep with someone...but rather to get her to see Edmundo as a shitty boyfriend. Hee. Catherine blahs on that she wasn't prepared to make a decision right then. Brian goes on that he thinks he made a mistake, and he's afraid she might pick Rossi now. I'm afraid she might never take her top off. Commercials.

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