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Previously: Sarah lied to Derek and Cameron and whisked John away to Charley's. Which was a monumentally bad idea, but then she got to shock someone in the head which was kind of cool. Cromartie's been reprogrammed and is now John Henry. Oh, and poor Charley is dead and gone.

We zoom in on a row of graves just marked by the year 1984. Sarah's looking out over them all wistfully. Derek walks up, and Sarah tells him that she doesn't know which one is Kyle's. Then he calls her out for lying to him about going to the desert last week and sending him and Cameron on a wild goose chase. She claims she only stopped to see Charley, and it wasn't planned, but he's dead now. John already gave Derek the 411, which is the only reason Derek was able to find her at this random cemetery. Derek gets that Sarah doesn't trust him, but basically says that his brother being dead should count for something. Nope. He's too secretive for her liking. They look like they are about to get into it, but John walks up and tells them they've got to go chasing after a little girl whose picture he found on one of the baddies from the lighthouse. No sense mourning over Charley or Kyle since he knows everyone dies for him. Ominous foreshadowing.

Savannah is in her classroom and supposedly learning new words, but instead she's IMing with Cromartie/John Henry. Cue parent-teacher conference with Weaver. Teacher goes on and on about the dangers of child molesters and generally pervy liars on the Internet. Weaver is none too pleased and asks Savannah what her deal is. Apparently, the creepy little girl decided that instead of learning a word like she was supposed to, she was going to teach John Henry a lullaby that her daddy used to sing to her. Weaver wants to learn the song, but Savannah tells her that she can't sing. Damn it. I was hoping to hear Shirley Manson sing. Alas. No singing, just a lecture about how people might not understand John Henry. He's got to be a secret.

John Henry is checking out his reflection and trying to figure out if his brother looks like him. Ellison says that his computer brother doesn't look like anything. He's a computer. John Henry wants to know if they share the same data and thoughts. Ellison thinks he's unique. True. Not everyone has a big cord coming out of their head. John Henry wants to know if they laugh alike, walk alike, at times even talk alike. John Henry then goes on to talk about how being a human would suck because the brain has nowhere to download. Hence computers are more awesome. Then he talks about the Bible and how heaven has a hardware problem. Too many souls, not enough microprocessors. He then tells Ellison he needs to get into his brother's brain, because he doesn't want to die again. What? I dunno. There's probably only one more episode left, so I'm not going to try to make sense of Cromartie/John Henry reading the Bible. Let's just give him some episodes of Battlestar Galactica and tell him they're real. That'll really blow his mind.

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