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Savannah's at home doing her homework, while her sucky babysitter leaves her to go do aerobics. John Henry calls Savannah, but she can't figure out how to juggle the phone and a pencil. John Henry teaches her about this magic thing called a wireless headset and then gives her a vocabulary lesson. Multitasking at it's finest. Then a strange, yellow van pulls up at the house with a guy delivering water. And John Henry goes on alert. It is a Terminator, who shoots the babysitter in the head. John Henry helps Savannah hide, but her lesson on headsets didn't include instructions on keeping the phone close to the Bluetooth device so you don't go out of area. Water Delivery Terminator picks up on this and goes chasing after her, but John Connor reaches her first. I wish there weren't two Johns on this show now. It's a pain for recapping purposes.

Water Delivery Terminator comes into the garage guns a-blazing. Sarah and Cameron start shooting at him from behind. Cameron gets to do some hand-to-hand combat while John Henry looks on from his remote location curiously. Cameron gets momentarily knocked out, Water Delivery Terminator goes and shoots Derek right in the forehead. Wait, what? Derek!!!!! No time to process this sudden death, because Water Delivery Terminator's outside, and Sarah's shooting at him again, and Cameron sneaks up on him and throws him down a big-ass hill. While she's fighting, Sarah, Savannah and John run back into the house. They see Derek lying dead on the floor. Sarah takes his gun and ID and tells them to keep moving. John looks on horrified and tries to shield Savannah from the sight. John Henry just looks confused.

At Weaver's office, Detective Crayton from the LAPD is filling Ellison in on the attack on the residence and how her daughter is gone and there's a dead gunmen around. Weaver asks Ellison to look at the list of Savannah's friends and asks if there's anyone else she spends time with. Yeah, this creepy robot guy who is tethered to a computer docking station in the basement. He's no threat, though. Nothing to worry about. Outside, Crayton tells Ellison that he knows him, but that it isn't an insult. Asks about working in the private sector. Better perks! Then Crayton wants to know the deal with Weaver and why she's so secretive and closed off, and does his crack detecting about Weaver's dead husband and if she has enemies, etc....

John Henry has an inquiry of his own for Ellison. He wants to know why Ellison stopped looking for Sarah Connor, when she's clearly not dead in the least. Ellison isn't surprised that Sarah's still kicking, he just wants to know if she took Savannah and if she killed the guards. Yes and no. Water Delivery Terminator man did the killing. Now Ellison actually looks surprised. Ellison basically tells John Henry to lie and not tell Weaver about Sarah or the Terminator or anything about Savannah. But this machine doesn't like lying. It doesn't compute. Instead, he wants to know if Sarah Connor would kill him. He thinks since she blew up Cyberdyne and hates Miles Dyson that she's got something against Cromartie. John Henry sure can put two and two together, thanks to that helpful microprocessor or whatever. Ellison doesn't even try to pretend like Sarah Connor wouldn't kill Cromartie dead if she had the chance. John Henry also wants to know about Cameron, and if she's like him. Sort of, but way, way hotter. John Henry agrees to lie, but only to get Savannah back.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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