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In a random warehouse somewhere, the Connor clan sits around reloading weapons and figuring out their next step. Sarah gets a call from Ellison. John Henry's technology gives him access to the yellow pages. Useful. He's seen the footage and knows she's got the kid. She won't give him Savannah, but agrees to meet him in like an hour.

But she was totally lying. She sent Cameron instead to pick up Ellison to make sure it was safe. When they finally meet, Ellison is trying to figure out why Water Delivery Terminator was after Savannah. Sarah speculates that they're after her mother because of her connection to Dr. Sherman. Ellison claims to want nothing more than Savannah back. Sarah tries to reason with Ellison, saying that Derek's dead and so is Charley, and that the Terminators won't stop. She won't give Ellison the kid, because she's not safe in his custody. She offers to explain the situation to Weaver face-to-face. He sighs that he'll try to arrange a meeting. Sarah reminds him that she told him to stay out of it, but he just keeps running into her. Cameron shoots daggers at Ellison as he leaves.

Weaver's trying to get John Henry to show the security footage from the house. He makes up a lame excuse about corrupted files. He's the worst liar ever. She knows something is amiss, but Ellison arrives to bust up the conversation before Weaver can press for details. John Henry's miffed that Ellison didn't bring Savannah back. Maybe he is a weird guy from the Internet.

Back at the warehouse, John Connor reminds Savannah that he taught her to tie her shoes at Dr. Sherman's office. Little ginger girl says that she misses the doc because he was her friend. She asks if poor, dead Derek was John's friend. John gets this pained look on his face. Savannah tries to take the blame. John tells her that's not true, but yet... it kind of is. Everyone told Savannah not to talk to strange men on the Internet/phone, but she insisted on talking to John Henry, even though he is kind of creepy and works with her mommy, living in the basement. John's like, "Aw, cute... you have an imaginary friend." And she's like, "No dude, he's real, and he's got a cord sticking out of the back of his head." Um. John's putting the pieces together. Not as quickly as John Henry's microprocessor... maybe humans are fallible. Creepy dude, lives in basement, works for Weaver and Ellison, has a cord sticking out of the back of his head. That sounds familiar. Like Cromartie. He's none too pleased when he finds out that Ellison's been acting as a tutor to Cromartie in the ways of the world.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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