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Over at Zeira Corp, Ellison is explaining to Weaver that Sarah Connor's alive and that there's a water-delivering Terminator that might want Weaver dead. Weaver decides not to focus on the death threat, and instead wants to know how Ellison came across this info. Those security tapes that John Henry claimed were corrupted weren't really. She's not pleased that Ellison taught John Henry to lie. He gets this, but thinks she should still meet up with Sarah Connor. But Weaver's not going anywhere. Her main mission is to protect John Henry. It's more important than getting Savannah back. She informs Ellison quite simply, "When my behavior implies that I value John Henry's survival more than that of my own daughter, it is not that I love John Henry more than Savannah, but it is because I believe Savannah's survival might some day depend on John Henry's survival. And because I believe that your survival might depend on John Henry's survival." She then tells the speechless Ellison that she'll meet with Sarah Connor, and he should go make that happen.

In the lobby, Crayton informs Ellison that the dead body was an ex-con/fugitive, who escaped shortly after Ellison interrogated him. It's a bit suspicious that he showed up months later at Weaver's house. Coincidence? Crayton thinks not.

At the warehouse, John Henry gives Sarah and Cameron the lowdown on the John Henry/Cromartie situation. Sarah said she destroyed the chip, Cameron promptly replies that she destroyed a chip. John doesn't think it is Cromartie, but something bigger and worse that is using Cromartie's body. He thinks it is weird that they didn't just use the body for the parts, but that they are programming it and playing with it. And he especially doesn't like Ellison teaching it things, whatever it is. Cameron's solution: Kill him dead. Sarah says that no one is going to get killed, just in time for Savannah to walk into the room. Sarah repeats that no one is going to get killed, but she's the least reassuring mother of all time. John takes the shell-shocked girl away from the crazy lady, while Ellison calls and says that she can have her meeting with Weaver, once Ellison gets the kid. Sarah agrees to it. Then tells Cameron they don't kill just because. Cameron's like, "Uh, I don't, but we've got a reason."

Then we're back in Weaver's office, with Crayton staring at her fish tank where there's an ugly eel. Crayton taps the glass. Which, what is he, five? My 3-year-old knows better than that. Especially when he's just learned that this particular type of eel likes to attack when provoked. Ugh. I'd like to see Cameron kick this dude's ass. Weaver also tells him that her eel likes to eat other eels for lunch. What a cuddly little pet that is. But it makes sense for Weaver... all things considered. Anyway, Crayton is here with his half-baked theory that Ellison is behind the kidnapping. He says he sees employees blackmailing their bosses all the time. Weaver's like, "That sort of thing doesn't happen to me." Because she'd go all T-1000 on them and get revenge.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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