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Catch Me If You Cain

Weaver inquisition time, down in John Henry's lair. She's ticked off that he lied for Ellison. But JH has been lying to Ellison about Weaver's real identity and that whole thing about her not really being Savannah's mom, just the devil in disguise. So they're pretty much even in his computer-y estimation. He makes a thinly veiled threat against her, but she says that wouldn't go so well... for Ellison. John Henry thinks that Ellison is useful, but that he might not get Savannah back. Weaver shrugs it off. But John Henry has learned through his Bible studies that human life is sacred. Weaver gives him a Latin lesson about the words sacred and sacrifice. So much learning in this episode! John Henry processes this information. He gets that Savannah's survival depends on John Henry's, but this doesn't go both ways. He then starts talking about Cain and Abel with a helpful synopsis of the tale, in case you've never been bored in a trashy motel room. He wants to know which brother he is, the good one or the murderous one. Weaver's not sure, but thinks that he might be God in this story.

In the warehouse, John tells Cameron that it wasn't his idea to ditch the people trying to protect them. That all the blame for that crazy goes to his mom. Cameron thinks Sarah had her reasons. John knows she was pissed off about the Jesse thing... so was he. But it doesn't matter now, because Derek's dead, and there's no use crying, because at some point everyone he knows will die so that he can save the world. He thinks future John Connor would kick his ass over his tears. But Cameron assures him that future him loses people, too... because John's entire life is fated to basically suck hard. Cameron says that Sarah was going to ditch John with Charley, but John doesn't believe her. She says that Sarah thought the lump in her breast was cancer and that she's skinnier now. Something is up. But we don't get a confirmation from Sarah, who walks in and just glares at the two of them. Instead she tells them to wake Savannah up, it's time to get going.

They head to a movie theater playing classic stuff, in black-and-white even! Cameron starts talking during the movie, which would drive me crazy. Especially since she's talking to Sarah, who is sitting in the row behind her. Not even whispering a little bit. They are rudely discussing if Ellison will show and if he'll go back on his word and when Cameron can kick his ass like she so desperately wants to. Sarah assures her bloodthirsty little Terminator friend that it will all be okay, and she just needs to chill out, and they'll go in to Zeira Corp either way and burn the place right down to the ground. So much for the whole "no one dies" thing.

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