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Cameron stalks off, Ellison sits down in her seat, and then he starts talking to Sarah. No one has any manners any more. For real. I'm surprised Savannah didn't somehow grab a cell phone and start having a conversation with John Henry. Anyway, Ellison finds out where Savannah is and then stomps off, saying he'll call her about the meeting. Sarah walks out through the lobby, not even smartly using the back door, and she's immediately surrounded by a team of cops with guns trained right on her. John and Cameron see her getting arrested through the door. Sarah tries valiantly to make a getaway, but the cops take her down and start beating her up with their nightsticks. Back inside, John is furious at Ellison, who unconvincingly swears that he didn't know. John threatens to kill him, but wisely decides to head for the back door with Cameron before he gets caught. Back outside, Sarah's being wrangled into the cop car by Crayton's goons, and who should be there watching but Water Delivery Terminator.

John Henry starts singing that creepy maudlin Scottish song, as we see Savannah being reunited with Weaver, Sarah entering a media hailstorm at the police station, John and Cameron watching the TV coverage at a local electronics store, and then Savannah sitting across from John Henry and joining in for the last few verses. Weaver looks in on the duo singing, but leaves them alone. Then just Savannah is singing as we see that same cemetery, except we see a gravedigger putting Derek to rest in one of the many graves simply marked 2009.

One more episode left in the season. Daniel will be back to cover that one. Maybe he can make sense of John Henry's God/brother stuff.

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