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In the Future When All’s Hell
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Derek's on the phone with Sarah, whose end of the conversation we don't see, but she tells him she's "hunting it," and he wants to know how she knows it's not "hunting her," and maybe if the two of you have nothing better to do than spout a bunch of nonsense at each other, maybe you should each focus on the task at hand. Derek's in some kind of abandoned warehouse, or something, presumably another weapons cache. There's an abandoned bus, which the Connor Crew will need as they add members; they can just use the bus and save on gas money.

Derek hears a woman scream and comes upon a bloody, pregnant woman lying on a table being attended to by a teenage girl. Derek briefly flashes back (or forward, depending on how you look at it) to a time when he came across a family, including a pregnant woman, huddled, dead. In the flashback, Derek's wearing a gas mask. The girl hears him and whips out a gun in his face, but he tells her Sarah sent him to help. "I thought..." she says, and Derek says he knows what she thought: "You'd be dead already." Well, glad you showed up to lighten the mood! The girl says her mom's about thirty-four weeks along. She's wheezing badly, thanks to a cut on the throat and chest. Her presumable daughter has already begun an intubation, so it's nice that the Girl Guides offer a Risky Emergency Surgery badge now. Derek, having a little more experience with battlefield medicine, finishes it, allowing the mom to breathe a little easier. He asks how they know Sarah. Funny story!

Flash back to six months ago, in a cabin with a happy family (the mother and daughter are the ones currently covered in blood and getting help from Derek) that would only be perfect if the daughter would only learn to close the door and not track mud everywhere! Oh, wait, it wasn't your daughter Lauren, but a couple of stylish hot tamales toting huge weapons. "They're alive," says Cameron, as she walks in the room. "Lauren, go to your room and close the door," says the father, who apparently outfitted his daughter's bedroom in the cabin with armour plating. The father is played by Hey! It's That Guy! Carlos Jacott, who's been all over your television. Buffy, CSI, Big Love, Studio 60, but as usual, I will always know a person best from a once-upon-a-time part on Seinfeld, in this case, Ramon the pool guy who got friendlier with Jerry than Jerry was comfortable with.

Here, Carlos's name is David, and he tells his wife, Anne, to call 911. Pretty ballsy, to be telling your wife and daughter to do shit while two possibly crazy women train massive weapons on you. Sarah puts the kibosh on the 911-calling and orders Cameron to get Lauren back. Into her phone, she says they got a hit on one of the names on the list. "Alpine Fields. It's a family." She says everything's under control, but they might be late: "Can you handle dinner? John, just put the alarm on." Handle dinner? He's a teenager. Things haven't changed that much from when I was John's age, so as long as he's got some Pizza Pops [Editor's Note: Sadly, those are only available in Canada, which is so unfair because now that I've looked them up I want them real bad. America never gets to have ANYTHING. - Mindy] in the freezer, he's good.

Suddenly, Lauren's standing there, holding a cute wittle gun on Sarah. David takes it from her and orders Sarah to put her gun down. She does so, and he asks her who she is and what she's doing there. Oh, and he wants the truth. Good thing he specified! So Sarah tells him the truth: about the end of the world, about Skynet sending cyborgs back in time to kill humans. She's got a target list, he's on it. "A machine is coming to kill you," she says, adding that it found their house in the city and now it's on its way here. David tells his wife to call the police and tell them all about the crazy lady, and finally Cameron shows back up, like WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG, and somehow David gets the drop on her and tells her to drop her gun too, and Cameron catches Sarah's signal to comply. She does so, but just long enough for David to let his guard down slightly, and Cameron disarms him.

Sarah orders the whole famn damily into the van, much to the consternation of the family dog. "What about Charles Barkley?" asks Lauren. Hee! Cameron and Sarah both say "no" at the same time. Because Lauren says she'll look after Charles Barkley, but it'll just end up being something else that Sarah'll have to do.

So Sarah drives while David and Anne bicker in the back seat over the fact that David has a gun. Interesting that it doesn't appear to occur to her that her daughter knew about it while she didn't. David says he had for situations just like this, a bear. Yeah, and how'd that work out for you? Cameron examines the gun and points out that it wouldn't be much use in a situation like this. Or against a bear, for that matter. Anne asks Sarah, "Does your son know you kidnap people at gunpoint?" Sarah's all, "Yes, ma'am, he does." Heh. Anne says he'll be prone to juvenile delinquency. Yeah, well by that logic, your daughter's going to be prone to not know when to shut the hell up. Lauren says, "It's obvious she's well beyond Dr. Phil." Yeah, there we go. Sarah's just telling them to mind their own damn business when the van is rammed by a lime green pickup truck. Great. Now they gotta exchange insurance information with this guy, and ... oh, worse luck! He's a terminator! Sarah and the Fields hightail while Cameron goes hand-to-hand with the metal, taking a round of bullets in the chest. With the Fields running for their lives, Sarah turns to watch the battle for a second. It looks like Cameron's got the upper hand.

In the present day, while Derek tends to Anne, he tells Lauren to cover up the St. Jude's medallion she's fingering, as it's a target. She ignores this. She sees his bar code tattoo and asks where he got it. "One of them," he says. "Do I want to know?" she asks. I don't know, do you? You can imagine how keen Derek is to talk about it. She says that he sounds so used to it. "You don't get used to it. You live through it," he says. Anne stirs. "You sound like David," she says. Derek looks confused for a second. TOTALLY different show, lady! Lauren says they were at a motel outside of Elko when it caught up with them. Dad "emptied the Mossberg" into it, and then went after it with a table lamp and curtain rod, just long enough for the two of them to get away. Sarah told them to call if it came back. "Do you think David could be all right?" asks Anne. The look Derek gives Lauren isn't a confident one, but he says, "Anything's possible." Yeah, lady, your husband was fighting a terminator with a CURTAIN ROD. He's hamburger.

Flash back to the future, with Derek lying in some kind of hospital bed, with someone in the foreground injecting something into his IV. We see her face through a Hazmat suit. It's Lauren. Back to the present now, and Lauren catches David looking at her. "What?" she says. "Nothing. I just know that look," he says. Then he grabs his big ol' gun and goes out to, I don't know, patrol or establish a perimeter or whatever.

After the commercial break, we're in 2027 at the Serrano Point resistance base. It's good to see Derek's just as diplomatic in the future, as he tells some general that his plan sucks: "You can't use metal for this!" The general tells him only one person out of two hundred survived the bio-weapon attack, and since terminators are immune to disease, that's why they're going in. Derek, getting angrier, says terminators aren't immune to going bad and putting a bullet in the end of someone they desperately need to live so they can all survive the plague. He volunteers to go in. "Once exposed, there's no way to know how long you've got," says the general, saying the symptoms could take four or twenty hours to show up. "This could be a one-way trip," he tells David, who is so hardcore he sneers, "We're all on one-way trips."

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