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In the Future When All’s Hell

So General Perry gives him a lecture about how Kyle isn't out there: "Either you learn to live with that, or you die from it." The general walks away, and after glaring at him for a moment, Derek goes his own way.

Back in the present, Anne's sleeping when Derek comes back. "You wanna tell me how it found you?" he asks Lauren, who stays silent. "It's best if I know," he tells her. Lauren admits that it was her fault, because she called a friend, Roger. "I needed to feel normal, you know? Like a person." Derek's all sympathetic: "So you broke the rules?" Yeah, Don't worry about making her feel like it's her fault her mom is dying, Derek. "Rule number one is, there is no normal," says Lauren.

Six months ago, she and the rest of her family were hobbling back into the cabin, with David nursing some kind of leg injury. This is the part where Sarah basically gets to say, "I told you so." There's some sort of trophy oar hanging above the fireplace, which Sarah snaps like a breadstick to make a splint for gimpy David. Strangely, half an oar and some duct tape don't make for a great splint, and David can still barely stand up. He tells them to leave him and head for "Schaeffer's place," about a mile down the road. "No one gets left behind," says Sarah. Anne says, "What about your daughter?" and explains that Cameron isn't exactly human. "No freaking way," says Lauren. Sarah says she needs to know why that thing is after one of them. "Either of you work in computers?" she says, "I'm a banker. She's a housewife," he says, gesturing at Anne, and then at his daughter: "She's ... nothing." "Hey!" says Lauren. "You know what I mean," he says, almost apologetically. Anne brings David some Oxy. "I have a bulging disc," he explains. That's not how Anne tells it! Oh, and it's L-4, in case you don't believe him. He says they don't know what they did, so they can't help her. Meanwhile, Sarah's examining the door. "What's this door handle made of?" she asks. "It's oil-rubbed copper," says David, or, as a non-douchebag might say, "copper."

So Sarah heads out to the shed and starts poking around. She hears footsteps, and gets her gun ready, only it turns out to be Lauren, asking if she needs any help. "You can look for flashlights," says Sarah. Lauren asks what she's doing, and Sarah tells her she's making a trap. She asks if they have any "hole saw bits." "Like for making birdhouses?" says Lauren, and Sarah makes a face and says, "I don't know. I don't make birdhouses." Maybe not, but you are aware that there are such things as birdhouses, and that you would probably use one of those bits to make the entrance, right? Lauren starts blathering about her and her dad making a million birdhouses but having yet to see a bird eat there. And Lauren seems to think fighting cyborgs is so much cooler than making birdhouses, and Sarah says she'd trade for birdhouses any damn day.

Lauren keeps on with the mind-numbing chit-chat until Sarah finally just up and asks her why she came out here. She says she stands there like she's got a secret but she doesn't say anything, reminding her of her son. "You really do this with a kid?" says Lauren. "He's why I do this," says Sarah. Anyway, the secret is this: David's not being straight with her.

So Sarah stomps back to bust on David about Sym Dyne, this cybernetics company. Sarah's all, "Yeah, when I asked why a CYBORG might be after you? THIS IS RELEVANT." Lauren surprises her dad by having the actual e-mails from the company. David's holding out because the work he's doing isn't exactly legal. So the Fields start squabbling, with Anne upset about the illegality, and David angrily asking his daughter what she's doing on his computer. "Looking at lesbian porn, dad. What's the difference?" And not even the threat of death from a futuristic killing machine is enough to prevent parents from having a little freakout over the possibility of their daughter being gay. She's not though. "Thanks for knowing me," she snaps. Sarah has gone over to examine the door again, but is probably by this point thinking that it's fine with her if the T-888 gets them. Then she shushes them. "They're hunting," she says, looking out the window. "Each other." "So are we safe?" asks Anne. Sarah doesn't respond. She just starts hacking into to the wall with an axe.

Back in the present, Lauren says, "No one is ever safe." She hops down from the table, saying she needs some air. Derek hands her a gun. "Do you know how to use this? If you do, take it. If you don't, leave it. You don't go outside without it." Lauren expertly checks the clip, and gives Derek a half-smile before she goes.

At Eagle Rock bunker -- look, do they need to tell us it's 2027? Doesn't the dystopian landscape clue us in -- Derek, wearing some kind of facemask, gingerly makes his way through all the bodies on the floor, hanging off beds. It's like a frat house on a Sunday morning. It kind of looks like a first-person shooter for the Xbox. Among the dead are what looks like a family, with a woman who is (was) very much pregnant.

He heads back outside, gasping for air, looking more than a little freaked out. He stands there a moment, staring at his gun, but before he decides to off himself, he's surprised by a woman holding a very large gun on him. It's Jesse. She glances down. "Your fly's open," she says. "Well, it pays to advertise," is what Derek should have said, instead of nothing.

Back in the present day, he's working on bandaging a wound on Anne's arm when she stirs and asks where her daughter is. Derek says she went out for some air, which doesn't win him any love from her. "Your kid'll be fine," Derek tells her. "She hasn't been a kid for months," says Anne, which Derek, clearly thinking of his whiny crybaby nephew John, says it's easy to say and think that, but it's not always the case. She tells him it sounds like he knows something about that, and he says he knows Sarah is protecting her. He doesn't buy her "I called Roger" story, since kids can adapt to this sort of thing better than adults can. He's guessing Anne called this "Roger" guy.

Six months ago, Sarah merrily hacks into the wall so she can pull out some wiring and attach it to the door handle. She tells Lauren that the shock will force the Terminator to reboot, and they'll have two minutes to get the chip out of its head. "Does that work?" asks Lauren. Sarah admits it sometimes doesn't work. Dave takes the time to bicker at his wife some more for not questioning how the money was coming in. "I assumed you were earning it!" she yells, and stomps off to go to the bathroom, which she assumes is OK with him.

Only Sarah catches her in the bedroom on the phone. Anne, clearly lying, says she was just checking the phone lines. Then there's a little boring chatter about how they're not like Sarah. They're normal. "I was normal. I had to learn this," says Sarah. Anne whines that she thought a crisis was supposed to bring a family closer together. "Don't confuse close with happy," Sarah advises. Their bonding is interrupted by Lauren, who says she sees something coming down the road. Sarah orders her away from the window, but she says she thinks it's Mr. Schaeffer. "Roger, from down the road," explains David. "These things can look like anyone," says Sarah, readying her gun, and getting even more convinced when the dog starts barking. But Anne says she knows it's him, and frantically goes to the door to rip off the wire booby-trap. David's awfully confused about why Roger's even coming here, since David told him they were going camping. Anyway, Anne opens the door and yells for Roger to come inside. "He's coming to see me, OK?" she tells everyone in the cabin. Ohhhh. Yeah, this is awkward. Sarah glances at Lauren for an explanation. "She never goes camping. She keeps the home fires going," says Lauren. Poor kid! Knows about her dad's illegal activity, knows about her mom's affair. "With Roger?" says David, looking kinda stunned. "Don't confuse close with happy," Anne says, looking at Sarah. Lady, I don't think your family

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