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In the Future When All’s Hell
is in danger of being thought of as either one of those.

Back to the present, where Anne admits that she called Roger. She just needed to "let him know," she says. And now he's dead. Sure hope he appreciates it. Oh, and she figures David's dead too. And Lauren and this baby will be all that's left of her when this is all over. She marvels at her daughter trying to protect what's left of her dignity. "She needs it to be normal," says Derek, unusually empathetic. Well, not that empathetic. She starts to wheeze, and he tells her to stop talking, because it's bringing her heart rate up. Funny, it's having the opposite effect on me.

Back in the future, Jesse lowers her gun after figuring it wasn't Derek who sent the signal her shore party picked up. Must be someone in the radio room, she figures. "I didn't make it that far in," says Derek, forgetting to add, "before I came running out and started thinking about blowing my head off." He wants to know about this "shore patrol" thing. She breezily talks about the supply runs they've been making from Perth for months now in a nuclear sub. And not just ANY nuclear sub: the Jimmy Carter. "Who drives it?" he asks. "Not who. What," says Jesse, explaining that they've got a "scrubbed trip-eight" running it. You can imagine how Derek takes this news, but Jesse shrugs it off, telling him that if he finds her a sub commander who survived "J-Day" she'll sub him in. "Have a little faith, mate; she'll be apples," says Jesse, who's rather overdoing it with the Australian slang. He hands her a mask so they can go inside. She asks if it'll work. "Probably not," he admits. They head back inside, making their way through to the radio room, and Derek knocks on the locked door. No response. "Come on," he says, and hammers again. The door opens ...

... and we're back in the present, with Anne screaming in pain. "We need to get her to a hospital," says Lauren, running back in. Derek tells her that until Sarah Connor walks through that door, the safest place is right there. "My baby," cries Anne, apologizing to Lauren.

Back six months ago, the Fields family was having a good ol' row about Anne's affair with Roger. Dave wants to know when it started. "Was it last summer when I couldn't travel because of my back accident?" he says. She says he has a bulging disc from sleeping on his stomach. "You have a weak core!" she yells. "At least my core isn't a slut!" he yells back. Then she calls him a "hophead," like when have you EVER heard that term used? This fight is hilarious. Roger, who doesn't like the man he's cuckolding to say bad things about his girlfriend, so he's all, "That's your wife," on David, who isn't interested in listening. Sarah actually has to fire the shotgun into the ceiling to get the two of them to shut up, but that is just a brief respite, as Roger immediately starts in on Anne about how Sarah is a crazy person, and the guy out in the woods is probably her "meth-head boyfriend." He becomes a lot more convinced when Cameron's body comes flying through the window. "What the hell is that?" asks Roger. Convinced now? Charles Barkley starts yapping and then jumps through the now-glassless window running up the road. Lauren watches him go, and we get to hear the noise go from barking to whimpering to silence. And then here comes the T-888, slowly walking down the path. So wait -- he threw Cameron from that far back? Nice shot!

Roger shows his true colours by heading for the back door, leaving everyone else. David, on the other hand, grabs the gun jammed in the waistband of Cameron's jeans and heads for the front door. Anne shrieks at him and Sarah tells him she can't allow him to do it. He tells her he doesn't give a damn about Skynet; he's just trying to save his family, and if she won't let him, he'll just end it right here. He puts the gun under his chin. Anne covers her face. Lauren cries, "Daddy!" Sarah just stands there, so David heads out the door and hobbles up the road.

He meets the Terminator, a guy with the look of a hockey enforcer, scratched up, all kinds of metal exposed after tussling with Cameron. David tells him he's David Fields: "I'm the one that you want!" The terminator grabs him by the throat and assesses him: No target match. Threat level: none. The terminator tosses him aside and keeps walking.

Inside the house, Sarah's showing off her terminator expertise by deducing that it's not after David but one of them two. "Someone's not telling me something," she says. "David doesn't know. It's not his," says Anne. "You're pregnant?" says Sarah. Since she says she can only help one of them run, looks like it's going to be Anne. She hides Lauren in the closet while she helps Anne to Roger's truck. You really think it's still going to be there by the time you make it over? Lauren assures her mom she'll be OK. "You sure?" asks Sarah. "I mean, I'd rather be making birdhouses," says Lauren, and maybe you two can have a touching moment when a terminator ISN'T RIGHT OUTSIDE.

Back in the present day, Anne's breathing is getting worse; her intubation jar is filled with blood. She apologizes to Lauren for doing this to her. Lauren's upset because she doesn't know what this is about. "It's about you and your little sister," says Derek. Lauren asks how he knows ... ohhhhhh. "You're from the future," she says. Derek says her sister's name is Sydney (well, if it wasn't before, it will be now), and he knew her.

Back to 2027, where the radio room door is opened by a gaunt brunette. Like if Wednesday Addams looked less healthy. "Those gas masks, they won't help. You're already infected," she says. Not much for small talk, this one.

After the commercial break, Derek looks outside the bunker at the sunlight and says they'll have to wait until nightfall to head back to Serrano Point. Jesse tosses something called "plumpynut," which is peanut butter mixed with baby formula and vitamin powder. Hope it tastes as good as it sounds. "You guys are growing your own food again?" says Derek. Jesse says it beats chasing rabbits, and this was all set up so Derek and Jesse can talk about the invading rabbit population in Australia that the country tried to wipe out, including with a disease, but a few survived and so in a few years the country was overrun again, and I'll spare you the details because I'm pretty sure you all get it.

Afterwards, she asks Derek for his canteen because she's parched. Derek hands it over, and wipes the sweat from his brow. He glances over at Sydney, and then suddenly wants to leave now. "In broad daylight," says an incredulous Jesse. Derek doesn't say anything, so Sydney does: "It starts with a dry mouth. And then the sweats. And the fever and shaking starts. And then your lungs fill up with fluid and then you die. You don't have much time. It's coming." Debbie Downer here must be a lot of fun at parties. "Let's go," says Derek, and Jesse checks her own forehead for sweat.

In the present day, Anne, while dying, is all, "So you're from the future," she says. She's pieced together that if he knows her daughter in the future, then she must make it. Derek says there's an immunity in Sydney's blood. She saves a lot of people. This makes Anne happy, and she asks if Sydney saves Lauren too, but before Derek can answer, Anne starts gasping again.

Six months ago, Lauren is hiding in the closet when someone goes for the door. She cowers behind some coats, but it's only Roger -- who then gets incapacitated by Cameron, who looks like she's feeling all better. "He's human?" says Cameron. "Of course!" yells Lauren. "My mistake," says Cameron, not exactly looking broken up about it. She gives Lauren her hand.

Meanwhile, Anne and Sarah are being chased through the woods by the terminator, and they're fortunate to cross the road at exactly the right time for Cameron to hit the T-888 with a Jeep. Anne and Cameron pile into the Jeep with Lauren, Cameron and David. The terminator chases after the Jeep, but since no one can really do what Robert Patrick did, the Jeep quickly loses it.

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