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Fight the Power Plant

We start off with the crackling electricity that signifies the arrival of someone from the future. Probably a human, judging from the way he's crying about the nipple wound he's suffered. As there should always be, some drunken homeless guy takes in the whole scene.

Over at the church of latter-day Terminators, the John Connor crew is waking up from a not entirely restful night. After all, Sarah doesn't really trust Cameron after everything that's happened, and Derek doesn't trust Terminators at all, and Cameron tells John that his risking his life to save her metal arse was the wrong thing to do. And Sarah tells John he should go to school, because they could all use a little "boring" right now.

So John goes to class and spends a good half-hour looking around at all his schoolmates, none of whom have to shoulder the burden he's carrying. The biggest worry they have is exams, or, in the case of the cheerleaders, dental dam or IUD or both. So he decides to go brood outside and some classmate named Riley comes over to hang out and hit him up for twenty dollars.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Derek are posing as a happy family who want to rent (or buy) a house from a very pregnant woman -- as she puts in, "an orca with boobs" -- who's the next-door neighbor and standing in for the actual owners. Cameron comes over to feel the pregnant woman's stomach, and you know this just cannot end well, and I really hope that there's a particularly high damage deposit being charged.

Agent Ellison visits the Dixon household, where's Charley's wife is a little distraught after having found a gun in Charley's drawer, as he's no gun fan. And Charley comes home and is all, "What's up?" with Ellison.

Back at the new Connor Compound, Sarah tries to take five seconds to relax, but she's disturbed by some guy busting in through the patio doors. It's the time-travelling dude from the opening sequence, and he's able to croak out "stop Greenway" and "power plant" before he dies.

Sarah deduces that the guy is from the future and probably sent by John. Derek wants to handle it, but Sarah figures that if she sends Derek and "the land mine" (meaning Cameron) then someone is probably going to end up dead. "Maybe someone is supposed to end up dead," points out Derek, but Sarah isn't having it.

The Connor crew heads over to Serrano Point power plant, which Derek remembers from the future, and Cameron rattles off some statistics about the human resistance retaking the plant. They don't even really know what they're supposed to do. Is Greenway on their side or not?

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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