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Fight the Power Plant

Next thing we know, Cameron and Sarah are watching an animated feature extolling the virtues of nuclear power. Not only that, they've applied to work at the plant, and are given an orientation by a woman played by Debra Skelton, nee Wilson, of MadTV fame. As they walk through the plant, Cameron identifies a necktie-wearing dude as Mike Greenway.

Meanwhile, Charley's wife is stunned to find out that Sarah is alive and in L.A. Charley doesn't exactly make it easier when he tries to reassure his wife with, "I don't love her anymore. Not like that, babe." Fortunately, he winds up getting slapped.

Over at school, Riley is pestering John some more, and after recently dying, he sees nothing wrong with inviting her over to the new Connor Compound. Meanwhile, Sarah isn't attracting any attention at all by being a new-employee asking tons of questions about this power plant that isn't even online yet. Greenway, played by the guy who played Father Intintola on The Sopranos is too busy arguing with another guy at the plant to take too much notice of Sarah, I mean, "Karen."

At the same time John comes home with Riley, which is the first time he's brought a girl home, his mom is busy hitting on Greenway at a bar that's presumably close to work. While Cameron, calling herself Cindy, teaches some suckers how to play pool, Sarah gets Greenway to open up about a scar he's got. It's the result of cancer surgery, which he's had twice, and that makes him unlucky around a power plant as a black cat. Sarah says he seems like a good guy and if no one wants to drink with him, then it's their loss. "Oh, that's not why they won't drink with me," says Carl.

Outside, Derek breaks into Greenway's car (in between vandalism attempts anyway) while inside, Cameron is counting all the money she's making using her uncanny physics ability to win at pool. Derek comes in to let the others know that someone just smashed Greenway's windshield. Sarah says the other plant employees are worried about the plant not going online as planned if inspector Greenway has concern -- which he does. He's like Homer Simpson, only if Homer Simpson had any idea what a safety inspector does. It's a catch-22 for them; either Greenway is pressured to let the plant go online, and it fails and contaminates half the state -- which would benefit Skynet in the future -- or Greenway shuts it down now, which means that the resistance won't be able to use it as a power source in the future.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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