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The Times They Are A-Changin'

But wait, there's more: Sarah she doesn't know how Cameron thinks, but she knows what she's thinking. "And what you're thinking about right now is exactly what you should not think about," she says. Joey? Do they know that we know that they know that we know? Joey? ["...They know you know." -- Joe R] Sarah says she and John didn't leave Charley because he was a threat to them; rather, they were a threat to him. "You were right to leave him," says Cameron. "You don't go near him. You don't touch him. You swear to me you'll leave him alone or so help me I will find a way to take you apart piece by piece," says Sarah. "I swear," says Cameron quickly. "So do I," says Sarah.

Now that she's got the "Bitch, stay away from my man" speech out of the way, Sarah asks if the T-888's taken care of. Cameron says there's one missing component: his left hand. But she'll find it. Sarah stresses that every last little bit, every bolt, needs to be destroyed. "Get it done," she says. "I swear," says Cameron. Sarah leaves. Cameron looks down at the chip she pulled from the T-888's head last episode. Then she gives a decidedly shifty look in Sarah's general direction. Well, now we know what a promise from Cameron Baum is worth.

Charley and Sarah take a stroll in the Connor Compound backyard, and Charley says they need to keep giving Derek painkillers, and restrict his movement. "Absolutely no gunfights," he jokes. Sounds like he's come to grips with the whole thing.

Then they get all awkward and squirmy with each other over fate and the future blah blah blah. Eventually, Charley gets round to tell her about the visit from "Agent Kester". "I didn't tell him anything, but if you ask me, it's just a matter of time," says Charley. A matter of time before you tell him something? "It always is," says Sarah, then they sort-f hug, and Charley kisses her on the forehead, and he strokes her hair a little bit and they exchange gloomy looks.

They unclench. Charley looks up into the sky. "There's a storm coming," he says, not at all contrivedly, and walks back into the house.

So Sarah goes back to cleaning her gun. With quiet intensity. John comes in. She glances in his direction, then goes back to her gun. He starts to walk out, and she gets up and hugs him, much to his relief.

And we're back in the future. Derek's resting. AGAIN. No wonder the machines almost took over the world, damn. He's startled by Cameron, who says John wants to see him.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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