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The Times They Are A-Changin'

Suddenly, the squad spots a small team of Terminators dragging a jet engine over the ground. Nice recon, guys. You're on the lookout for your deadly enemies, and they manage to practically sneak up on you while dragging a MASSIVE JET ENGINE. Kyle scoots forward just after the Terminators go by, only to be targeted by a couple of Hunter-Killers. You know, those large, droning airships used by the Terminators. Guess the recon squad DIDN'T SEE THOSE EITHER. The HKs fire on Kyle, who takes cover. Derek chases after him, fires off a couple of shots at the HKs, and gets shot at himself, getting separated from his brother, and winds up in the hands (literally) of a Terminator, who holds Derek at arm's length, choking him. That's for cheating on Donna, you bastard!

Back in the present, Charley removes a bullet from Derek, while Sarah, rocking a blood-soaked white tank-top, helps. Charley quietly tells her that it's been eight years since his fiancée left him, eight years since the FBI told him she was a homicidal paranoid schizophrenic with "an acute dislike for anything mechanical." He looks at her. "For what it's worth, I didn't believe them." Sarah doesn't say anything. "Then you blew yourself up," continues Charley. God, okay, Charley. I think eight years is plenty time to get over that. Next time, just put on Disintegration, have a bottle of wine, be hungover the next day, and the day after that you're over it.

In the adjoining room, John watches the surgery and paces. Noting his nervousness, Cameron helpfully suggests a sedative from Charley's bag. "You know who that is in there, who's dying on that table?" says John. "Yes. That man is first lieutenant Derek Thomas Reese with the 132nd S.O.C. Operational specialty: tech comm," says Cameron. "No, I mean on a personal level. You understand who he is?" asks John. Cameron says records indicate his only blood relative is his brother, Kyle Reese, adding that Kyle was imprisoned with John Connor in Century work camp in 2015, escaped with John Connor in 2021, and went MIA after being assigned to protect Sarah Connor from Skynet in 2027. "Is that all?" says a very grouchy John. "Seems like a lot," says Cameron. Kind of defensive, isn't she?

Back in the kitchen, Charley is washing his hands (let's hope not for the first time) and STILL going on about Sarah leaving him. He says it was all over the news, so he hopped on his bike and drove to L.A., to see the big hole in the ground where the bank used to be. And then he couldn't go home, for some reason. And that reason is "convenience for the sake of this series." "I didn't want to leave you," says Sarah. Charley wants to know if she had a gun to her head. "More like gun in my head. It's, um, it's complicated," she says. "Then uncomplicate it for me," says Charley.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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