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The Times They Are A-Changin'

After the commercial break, Charley tells the Connor Crew that he stopped the bleeding and drained Derek's lungs, but he's going to need a transfusion. Cameron offers up Sarah, the universal donor with O-negative blood. Doesn't matter, says Charley. Derek needs at least three pints of his own blood, AB-negative, which only one-half of one percent of people have. "We don't find one, you're going to have a serious problem." Sarah suggests dropping him off at the hospital anonymously. Cameron points out Derek's still wanted by the police. She's got a better idea: let him die. John, less than enthusiastic towards that idea (look, we're just brainstorming, people; there are no wrong answers), asks Charley to test him. "You heard the odds, Johnny, two-hundred to one." It's considerably less than that, considering, I'm told, O-negative parents can't have AB-negative children. I didn't know that. I can forgive the writer for not knowing that. But it's sorta something I'd think Charley would know. So it's either a mistake, or John's not really Sarah's son. Since she presumably knows whether or not she expelled him from her uterus, let's call this little plotline a "boo-boo." Not a deal-breaker for me, really.

In 2027, Derek is wasting his time trying to use his fingers to unscrew the metal plate he's handcuffed to. A catatonic Wisher is dragged back across the floor and reshackled. After the guard leaves, Derek calls Wisher's name, but he doesn't respond. Again, the lights of a Hunter-Killer bathe the room in light, but this one flies overhead instead of stopping, and through a door open to the outside, Derek can see this one is hauling a jet engine.

Back in the present day, Sarah and John huddle up for a mother-son conference; looks like John's a match, but Sarah warns him this isn't going to be like donating to the Red Cross; Derek needs a lot of blood. John jokes that it's no big deal if he doesn't get a sticker and a cookie. Sarah then says he took a hell of a chance bringing Charley here. John thinks she's busting on him, but she's only leading up to saying that it worked out. John smiles at the motherly approval. Then he asks if his father looked like Derek. Pretty much, right down to the blood and bullet wounds and everything. "A little bit, yeah. Same build, same complexion. Not the eyes, though. Even when your father was screaming about the machines, he had such kind eyes." Sounds like Visiting Day at the hospital's dementia wing. John wants to tell Derek the truth, but Sarah doesn't think Montel Williams is available on such short notice. "He's family!" says John. "He's a stranger," corrects Sarah. John says he apparently trusted Derek enough to send him back in time, and Sarah points out John obviously didn't trust Derek enough to tell him Kyle was John's father.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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