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The Times They Are A-Changin'

Charley's saved from having to say, "Well, of course not," by John, who yells because he needs help. On the kitchen table/operating slab, Derek's struggling. He's yelling for his brother. "Where's Kyle? Where'd you send him? You owe me the truth!" he screams, clearly not completely lucid. He goes quiet when Charley sedates him, but John seems rattled.

Back to the future, where a groggy Derek is being carried back up the stairs by a Terminator, and chained again to the floor. From their own pieces of the floor, the other soldiers watch him. Another H-K hovers overhead, shining its light in through the stained glass. Derek struggles to his knees and reaches up towards the light.

Later on, the soldiers are all sleeping, exhausted from trying to figure out just WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Timms wakes up, and looks around. "I think they're gone," he says. The other soldiers wake up, and sit up. In the centre of their circle, on the floor, lies a hatchet. "What is this, a game?" asks one of them. Derek grabs the hatchet. "Yeah. It's always a game," he says, and uses the hatchet to smash his chain.

The soldiers stumble their way back to the hideout. It's sunny out, but that really just means it's easier to see the skulls scattered across the landscape. Arriving at the entrance to the hideout, they're dismayed to see the trap doors flung wide, smoke billowing from the opening. Don't panic just yet; maybe one of the soldiers made microwave popcorn and cooked it for too long, and they're just airing all the chemical butter stink out of the place.

Back in the present, Charley asks if this "Kyle" is from the future too. Sarah is still wearing her disgusting blood-soaked shirt. "...and he's John's father," figures Charley. Sarah admits it. The only thing about their history that wasn't made up was that John's father is dead. "It was because of all this," says Charley. Yep, says Sarah. "We never had a chance," says Charley. No, but let's talk about it AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, Charley. That's what we want to see.

Back to the future: Derek and the other soldiers grimly make their way through the carnage of the underground bunker. Blood-spattered walls. Even the lion mural has taken a hit. "Plasma burns. Secondary explosions. Skynet was here," says Andy, as though anybody needs to be told that. "Maybe Connor and the others fell back, to the bunker downtown," suggests one of the other soldiers. Derek finds Kyle's foot-locker amidst the rubble, and opens it. It's empty, save for the good-luck photograph of Sarah, or what's left of it; it's been burned. He slams the locker closed. "Please, God, please," he says. Andy moves to comfort Derek, like maybe Andy could keep his SKYNET-CREATING HANDS TO HIMSELF.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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