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I Got A Boy And His Name Is John

Back at the Connor Compound, an angry Sarah bitches Cameron out: "You told me we'd be safe! Safe! Was that safe? Three days, and we're at war!" She wants to know why they jumped from the past at all, since she had seven more years to get him ready (wouldn't it have been eight?). "No, you wouldn't have," says Cameron. Why not, asks Sarah. "Because you died two years ago. December 4th, 2005. You died," is the answer (I heard "because he died" in the chaos of my folks' home during a visit for my mom's birthday, which admittedly makes no sense). Cameron walks into the house, leaving Sarah to stare through the open door at John. But if I die, who will help him find the turkey? is clearly what she's thinking.

So there are Terminators all over the place, huh? And they're all programmed with specific missions -- like, the one at the safe house was sent to kill the resistance fighters -- but none of them knows the Connors are there, and don't know what they look like, so John could just walk right by one and it wouldn't do anything. But once one of them finds out he's John Connor, that would be bad. John just wants the new ID so he can register for school, so Sarah's heading out with the "Tin Man" (a reference that goes right over Cameron's head) to see Enrique. She tells John to stay still like a statue, although you'd think it'd be okay for him to at least move around while he's hanging out in the apartment.

In the car, Sarah wants to know if Future John sent her back to help them to jump over her death. Cameron says it was because she's the best fighter John knows. So the Future John is still a mama's boy. A skeptical Sarah asks, if she was such a great fighter, how she died. "Cancer," says Cameron. That's gotta suck for Sarah, because it's entirely possible that unless she spent the years 1999-2005 standing in front of an operating microwave, jumping over her 2005 death won't prevent her from dying of cancer a few years down the road anyway.

Back at the house, John tries about fifty different outgoing messages for his cell phone voicemail, which makes sense, because a fugitive on the run from intelligent machines should certainly be handing out his cell phone number. Having done that, he decides to blow off his mom's orders, and leaves the house.

Meanwhile, Sarah and Cameron meet with Enrique, who can't help them with the fake IDs because he's out of that business. By way of explanation, he asks if Sarah has ever heard of "Ricardo Lopez," which she hasn't. "The boxer from Cuernavaca," says Enrique, like Sarah's now going to say, "Ohhhhh, Ricardo Lopez." This boxer's nickname was El Finito (which Sarah translates as "The Finisher") because he never had any losses. That's what Ricardo wants: to retire undefeated. He proudly says he never spent one day behind bars. You know, most people achieve that by not engaging in criminal activity. "Sorry for me, but happy for you," says Sarah, but Cameron looks extremely confused by the whole thing. The good news is Enrique can help them by getting them in with his nephew, Carlos, who has taken over the family business. "He is not a believer," warns Enrique, and Sarah says there are few believers left, as if there haven't always been very few believers and a lot more people who think Sarah is just batshit crazy. She hugs Enrique, and Sarah and Cameron move to leave, with Enrique telling Cameron she's a "very quiet girl." This makes him crack up, and Cameron fake-laughs loudly.

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