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I Got A Boy And His Name Is John

Upstairs, Cameron's out cold, at least for the next 120 seconds. John wants to go, but Sarah's not leaving without whatever's in the safe. John immediately comes up with the passcode (entering the date for Judgment Day), and the safe opens. There are a couple of duffel bags inside, but before they can check to see what's in them, the sound of a dog barking lights a fire under their asses. Sarah puts the still-out Cameron in a chair and then rolls her right out the window, where she swan-dives down onto the roof of a car, crushing it. Sarah and John head out onto the fire escape and are down into the alley well before our metal friend is even in the room. In the shadows, a hooded stranger with a bar code tattoo watches them flee. Henry Rollins? The Terminator stomps into the room, and doesn't see anyone. Yeah, maybe you should have tried running.

For some reason, Sarah and John go through bags in different rooms of the house. John finds some diamonds, and Cameron strolls into Sarah's room and asks, "Why are diamonds a girl's best friend?" She says John gave her a diamond. "That was sweet of him," says Sarah. "We have a whole bag of them, do you want one? They're a girl's best friend," says Cameron again. Sarah declines. Then Cameron starts blathering on about how she finally gets the Tin Man reference, and that she knows Sarah used to read The Wizard of Oz to John over and over again in Spanish when he was a kid. Spanish? Yeah, that'll be important later. "He never told you, but it was one of his favorite things that you did. He used to talk about it a lot." Sarah looks reflective, which is how an awful lot of scenes end.

Elsewhere, Mr. Roadside Garbage-Picker-Upper is comfortable in his easy chair, drinking beer and watching the Home Shopping Network, when a motorcycle-helmet-wearing guy in overalls belonging to a guy named Chet strolls in. The garbage man, understandably, is pissed off, and he grabs a baseball bat to greet the trespasser, who stands there silently. Garbageman flips up the visor on the motorcycle helmet, but the eyes on the face behind it are clouded over. And he looks closer, and it appears that Chet is nothing more than a severed head impaled on some sort of robotic machinery. And the roadside garbage crew is going to be one man short tomorrow morning, as "Chet," also known as "Chrome Artie," tallies another one on his body count, and picks up his head.

Cameron gets some makeup tips from Chiquita (how sweet that they've bonded) as Sarah takes the new IDs from Carlos, who tells her they aren't just forgeries but "full-service," meaning they're in the system. "You can collect welfare if you want to," he says, and Sarah says she just might have to. Since she came up with the cash so quickly, Carlos figures the price was right, and she might have even come up with another ten grand. She thinks that his uncle wouldn't have been too happy about that, but he shrugs: "So I miss the next family barbecue."

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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