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I Got A Boy And His Name Is John

As Sarah and Cameron leave, Sarah hears Carlos and a crony speaking Spanish. Good thing we've just been reminded that she speaks Spanish, hey?

Charley fiddles with the equipment at his kitchen table while the person he no longer wants to be married to now that he knows Sarah's alive asks him if he's all right. He makes up something about a tough call, because how do you explain a problem like Sarah Connor?

Sarah strides down the mean streets of L.A. thinking about how $20,000 really isn't that much money for a new life, a new chance. "But unlike John, I was never eager for that new life to begin. I liked having no name, no story. It was the only time I felt like me. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to pay for that. And the price was getting higher every day."

Where is all this leading? Back to Enrique's place, where the retired forger is pouring a drink, only to find himself staring at the business end of Sarah's gun. "You can either drink it or dump it," she tells him. Then she takes even that choice away and suggests he drink it. She icily asks if there's anything she needs to know, anything he needs to tell her: "First and last chance." He doesn't know what she's talking about it, so she reminds him of his nonsense about El Finito, and how Enrique has never spent a day behind bars. "That's not what Carlos said," says Sarah. "My nephew is a thief and a liar," says Enrique, but Sarah says she overheard him speaking Spanish to his buddies, saying rat ("snitch") and denunciente ("informer"). "Certain words I know and don't forget," she says, before asking him straight out if he's selling people out, and by "people" she means "me." He cops to spending three weeks in Lompoc on a gun charge before ratting out his cellmate, who kidnapped a girl, and Enrique got him to admit where the girl was. But that's it. He starts thumping his chest about how a man doesn't do that sort of thing, but is thankfully silenced by several gunshots from Cameron, because she determined that Enrique was "possibly lying." Sarah freaks, because she can't believe Cameron just executed Enrique over "possibly." "Because you wouldn't," says Cameron, which earns her a hard slap from Sarah, who by rights probably should have a broken hand now. Sarah yells at Cameron that she has no idea what Sarah will or won't do, because Sarah doesn't even know. And you don't know John! And I don't know anything anymore! And I don't even know what my name is anymore! "Sarah Connor," says Cameron, taking Sarah's yelling just a little too literally.

The next day, Cameron's quizzing John on his new background: he's from Lawrence, Kansas. And in case anyone doesn't believe that, he'll drop his population knowledge on they ass! Too bad he doesn't know that Lawrence is 25 miles west of Kansas City, and not 50 miles east. The backstory for John's father is that he was a cop who died apprehending a criminal. He's a hero. "Yeah, I know that. He's always a hero. And he's always dead," says John, getting up to go plop on the couch. He asks his mom if she was out late last night. "Motion detectors. I thought I heard a beep," he says. Not that you bothered to check, John. It's not like you're TARGETED FOR EXTERMINATION or anything. Sarah says it must have been Cameron, who just walks and walks around all night. John sighs and says if she wants, he'll hide out a little bit longer while he gets his story straight. Yeah, it should take three days to come up with a way to remember Lawrence's proximity to Kansas City. But no, Sarah prefers he go to school. At least that way she'll know where he is, and who he's with.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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