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Outside, Sarah and Cameron have pretty much given up. "It's not your fault," says Cameron. "Maybe it's yours," says Sarah, who then bitches that maybe if Cameron had let John try to save Jordon, or at least let him think he had a choice, he wouldn't have "gone off the reservation." Even though one of the strict family rules is "keep your head down," right, Sarah? "John does these things," says Cameron. "Not the John I know," says Sarah. Again, what? Let's just assume that this is the distraught mother talking, and not a moron. "The John I know," says Cameron.

The blame game is interrupted by Sarah's cell phone ringing. It's John, wanting to know if she can come pick him up. He explains about the frozen Terminator. Cameron figures Carter has finished his mission, and is in standby mode until he's moved or triggered (and has a reboot time of 15 seconds). John theorizes the trigger is probably the opening of the blast doors. Sarah wants him to open the blast doors, and as soon as the door cracks open, he should run. My closed captioning says, "Cameron will deal with him," but I do not hear her say this. Probably goes without saying anyway. John's staring at the motionless Terminator, and Sarah has to yell at him so he snaps out of it.

John walks over to the door panel, but pushing the buttons does absolutely nothing. John looks over at Carter, the key hanging around his neck like Carter spends a couple of hours on his own after school before his mom gets home. This is where I curl up into a fetal position, but John steels himself and gingerly pulls the chain over Carter's head, inserts the key, and opens the door. Light breaks over Carter's face as we go to commercial.

The door opens and Cameron strides in, picking up Carter and chucking him to the back of the shelter. The flying toasters over his eyeballs turn off, and his eyes turn red. Sarah runs in too, because John did not, as per her orders, come running out of the shelter. He's fired up the truck. She climbs in with him, but he's having a hell of a time throwing the thing into gear. "Step on the clutch! Hard!" she yells, as John grinds the gears into little nubby things.

Meanwhile, Carter's grabbed himself a piece of coltan and is swinging it like a deranged Jack Nicholson on an L.A. freeway. Cameron's getting her hip-hugger-clad ass kicked.

"If you're going to be a hero, you gotta learn how to drive a stick," Sarah snaps, before grabbing the stick herself (John's hand still on it) and throwing the truck into first herself. Well, WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE? For god's sake, woman, you're not in a mall parking lot on a Sunday morning preparing John for his first driving test. And now, because it took so long for the truck to get going, Carter's finished with Cameron and is front of the truck, pushing it and preventing it from leaving the shelter. A shotgun blast to the face from Sarah gets Carter to loosen his grip enough for the truck to move forward, driving over Carter, with a fully recovered Cameron sashaying out beside them, stopping to turn the key and shut the doors. Outside, she hops into the truck with them. "But can't he get out?" says John, whereupon Cameron shows him that she took the key. I think it's worth noting that we didn't see Carter still in the shelter as the doors closed.

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