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Meanwhile, Ellison shows up at the George Lazlo impersonator's place. He spots the not-eaten Hot Pocket on the floor, where the original Lazlo dropped it, and attempts to bond with Lazlo about how awesome Hot Pockets are or whatever. But enough about Hot Pockets! Ellison's there to warn Lazlo that someone maybe trying to steal his identity. "What would they do with that?" asks Lazlo 2.0. "Steal, chat, harm intimidate others, damage the national psyche," suggests Ellison. Awesome. He hands over his card to Lazlo, and says to call him if he sees or hears anything unusual. "Thank you for your help," says Lazlo agreeably, and Ellison seems momentarily taken aback, perhaps since he's not being a called a fascist right at this moment.

Cameron's driving the truck full of coltan down a hill while Sarah voice-overs more blah-blah (I've already started tuning these out) about the golem. Why they didn't just put the truck in neutral and push it down the hill is a mystery to me, but I guess it's cooler to have Cameron punch out the front windshield and then calmly walk on the roof of the truck, hopping off just before it plunges off the cliff and into the ocean. Sarah and John are waiting by the truck, and Sarah asks if he's okay. He says he's fine. "How many times are we going to have this talk?" he says, not unpleasantly. Sarah smiles.

At home, Cameron heads off to a corner of the house, and a grouchy John says he should finish his homework. Sarah says she has to finish her voice-over, in which she's talking about man's pride letting him think that he can control everything he creates (e.g. the Golem, John Connor, Skynet). Meanwhile, in her room, Cameron unwraps the slab of coltan she saved. She looks at it, tilting her head. Looking for a family resemblance? It ain't heavy (metal), it's my brother. In his room, John's hands are shaking. "We animate them with magic, and never truly know what they will do," says Sarah.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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