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Cameron explains that she monitors the media for threats ("I don't sleep," she reminds everyone). She appears to accomplish this not by using Google Alerts, but by actually buying newspapers. Sarah checks out a headline about a fire at the Port of Oakland being blamed on arson. Because of the fire, a large shipment of coltan had to be rerouted to Los Angeles, and that's bad, because coltan will be a big ingredient in the endoskeleton alloy for Skynet's Terminators.

Sarah doesn't see how that connects to Chrome Artie, so Sarah shows her (after a brief inability to switch inputs from Video 1 to Video 2 on the television). We watch the grainy cell phone video shot when the Connor Crew jumped forward in time and were all naked on the bridge. Cameron implausibly is able to blow up and enhance the background well enough for us to see Chrome Artie's grinning skull. "It's just the head," says Sarah, who I'd like to point out is familiar with being attacked by mere fragments of Terminators. I'd also like to point out that nothing not living is supposed to be able to pass through, right? Anyone? "His chip is intact. We're programmed to repair ourselves," says Cameron, who says Artie might need coltan for a missing piece, and then he will continue with his mission to hunt and kill. "I know what his mission is," snaps Sarah. Fortunately, Sarah's got a plan!

...And that plan is to run. They still have some money from the safe house, so they'll set up across the border, "off the grid." Shouldn't they always be off the grid anyway? John gets pissed, because Sarah said they weren't going to run anymore. "In fact, isn't that the premise of this entire series? In how many episodes are we going to have this debate?" he yells at her. Or maybe that was me. John wants to "hack the port schedule" or whatever so they'll know when the coltan container comes in, and wait for Artie, so they can get him while he's vulnerable. Sarah considers it. "The ship comes in tonight?" she asks Cameron ("5 AM" is the answer), and it's just like when you were a kid and you bug your parents for something, and Mom says no a hundred times, and then finally looks at your father and says, "Maybe we could think about going to Disneyland this summer." Except family trips don't usually involve shotguns and C-4.

Over to the docks we go. Here's hoping John didn't stay up too late hacking his whatchamajigger to find the coltan, since it appears they could have just shown up and looked for the big crates with COLTAN stenciled on the side. A crew loads the coltan onto the back of a truck in a warehouse while Cameron skulks around in the shadows. Nearby, John and Sarah are getting the C-4 charges ready. Cameron comes back to report that there's no sign of Chrome Artie yet.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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