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We're back at the plastic surgeon's office, only this time it's a crime scene. And Ellison's there, because, he tells the detective, the weird not-blood blood has shown up again. Dr. David Lyman is dead on the floor, which is where the office manager found him this morning. The weird blood was found in a drain. Other than that, the place is clean. "Nothing missing. No motive. Zip," says the detective. Ellison explains the not-blood connection to the other crime scenes. "It's not natural," says Ellison, who adds that he sleeps better at night when things are natural. One of the detectives has something: videotape of a patient at the clinic Friday night. He's in Homeless Snake Eyes' clothes, but his skin condition has improved quite a bit -- he looks like Garrett Dillahunt! The patient is identified as George Lazlo, whose nose and chin were done by the clinic a while ago.

Back at the warehouse, the Connor Crew is considering their options. John figures they should blow up the C-4 when the truck leaves the warehouse. You're never going to believe this, but Sarah would rather step back, since they don't know what the story is here. "So we run, in other words," snaps John. Even Cameron's assessment is that it's too dangerous, but John's not hearing it: "It's war! War is dangerous!" He wonders how many future enemy soldiers are contained in that truckload of metal; he wants to get on the truck and track it to wherever it's going, which is probably where they're going to build the soldiers. But Mom still isn't budging, and uses John's full name, so you know she means business. "If you die, they win," she points out. She and Cameron get in the truck, leaving John by himself. Not really the brightest move. In the truck, Cameron says her estimate, from the volume of the coltan shipment, is that there's enough metal for five hundred and thirty endoskeletons. Sarah looks like she might be having second thoughts, and glances back towards the warehouse -- where she sees John wriggling through the open window.

She jumps out of the truck and tries to stop him, but Cameron stops her, since if the Terminator sees them, it'll find John, so they just watch from the window as John sneaks onto the back of the truck, and wedges his BlackBerry into one of the crates. The only problem is that, as he's trying to sneak out, one of the coltan thieves hops up in the back of the truck (and he's armed, too) while another one rolls down the truck's back door. John shrinks back out of sight, while Sarah looks on, horrified. But before she can do anything to help, some guy behind them wants to know (using his gun for emphasis) just what the hell they're doing there. Sarah slowly approaches him and asks if he's seen a dachshund puppy around. He seems bewildered (probably amazed that that's the best lie she could come up with) and lowers his guard enough for Sarah to knock him out. Unfortunately, by the time they finish dealing with him, the truck is already leaving the warehouse, with the Terminator following in a Hummer. So she's lost John. But on the bright side, her "I told you so" speech later on will be entirely justified.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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