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After the commercial break, Sarah and Cameron seem to have found some office, in which Cameron's using a computer to track John's cell phone signal (yet she couldn't switch Video 1 to Video 2). There's a problem, though: the jouncing and bumping in the truck shakes John's BlackBerry loose, and it falls to the floor, shattering its face. The guard comes over to investigate, and gets conked on the head with a slab of coltan wielded by John, and he's out. But so is the cell phone signal, making Sarah frantic, and she smacks the computer. Cameron says breaking the computer won't help. "I lost John!" yells Sarah. Cameron says, "I understand." "How can you possibly understand?" says Sarah. "Without John, your life has no purpose." Oh. She understands completely. Sarah prattles on about how she shouldn't have let John talk her into this, that it was too soon for this... "Is it? The world ends in four years," says Cameron, like THANK YOU FOR LIFTING OUR SPIRITS, CAMERON. Back in the truck, John's managed to lift up the rear door enough to reach the outside lock to pick it, but can't pull it off.

Agent Ellison is lost in thought over the case, looking at clinic pictures of George Lazlo and comparing them with the surveillance footage. Agent Brassy comes in to playfully bust his chops, but he wows her with his intense diligence. Handing over a picture of Lazlo, he asks if this guy came up in her investigation of the Pico murders. Nope. And instead of being impressed and or inspired that Ellison actually feels a need to SOLVE a case once in a while, Brassy says, "Crank up the Sugar Ray and call Monica Lewinsky because it's 1999 again." Wow. How lame to automatically reference Monica Lewinsky for 1999. I mean, "uh..."

Anyway, Brassy teases Ellison about wanting to impress the higher-ups, and then inspires him by saying, "This case is a dog," and "You're not young," but before she can inspire him right into hanging himself, another agent -- this would be a young agent -- named Stewart (Ellison doesn't look super-jazzed to see him) strolls into the office to ask about someone Ellison's got waiting in an interrogation room. George Lazlo.

Ellison strolls down the hall with Stewart, who asks what this is about. "It's about my case," says Ellison, in a tone clearly meaning, "Back off." Stopping outside the interrogation room, Ellison and Stewart look in on Lazlo, just sitting there. Ellison asks if Lazlo looks like a killer to Stewart. "Everyone looks like a killer to me," says Stewart, summing up overzealous U.S. law enforcement pretty nicely.

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