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On to the interrogation: Lazlo is an actor, but is kind of testy when Ellison wants to know if he's been in anything he might have seen. "It's been slow," says Lazlo, who wants to know what this is about (and clearly doesn't want to reveal his porn-studded résumé). Ellison says there are six people dead, perhaps by someone looking to change his identity. "So is that why you had the work? Chin, nose? You kill the doctor to cover your tracks?" says Ellison. Right, because there was such a difference in the before-and-after PhotoShopped pictures of Garrett Dillahunt. A witness is going to be unable to pick Lazlo out of a lineup, because if Lazlo turns his head to the side, there's less of a bump in his nose and his chin is slightly more defined.

Lazlo doesn't say anything, and in strolls "Delores," who's going to take a blood sample (if Lazlo consents, right?). "If you're not my guy, you're out of here in an hour, tops," says Ellison, and Lazlo wordlessly presents his arm to Delores, but keeps staring at Ellison. Delores briefly has trouble finding a vein. Oh, and then she does. Nice little half-second of tension there. "You guys are a bunch of fascists, you know that?" says Lazlo. Ellison is untroubled by the accusation.

Elsewhere, the warehouse guard comes to, strapped to a chair, Sarah and Cameron watching him. Before he gets the mistaken idea that he's in a Penthouse letter come to life, Sarah slugs him hard across the face a few times, ordering him to tell them where the truck went or she'll beat him to death. "If you beat him to death, he won't be able to tell us anything," points out Cameron. But the guard says he's not going to tell them anything anyway. Sarah brandishes a big knife, which doesn't scare the guard at all, saying Sarah doesn't have "the stones." Well, we're going to see how big his stones are; Sarah uses the knife to cut his bonds, and then jams the Rambo knife into a nearby desk. "You can go. If you can get past her," says Sarah, and stands aside. The guard stands up, looks around. Cameron merely cocks her head.

Cut immediately to a very frightened-looking guard driving Sarah and Cameron down the highway in a Humvee. The guard glances back at Cameron, who smirks at him. Aw! I wanted to see the ass-kicking! Sarah's reading a map. "McGuire gunnery range? This place is the size of L.A. County! Where exactly are they?" The guard doesn't answer. "She's talking to you," says Cameron. The guard tells the women the convoy was headed to a decommissioned arms depot in a corner of the range. But he doesn't know anything; he was just supposed to guard the warehouse and clean up afterwards. Meanwhile, up ahead, the convoy arrives at the depot, with the Terminator showing his ID to the iPod-wearing guard, who lets them in.

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