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George Lazlo is at home, examining his poor little puncture wound. "Your tax dollars at work," he gripes, as he swigs beer and gets a freshly nuked Hot Pocket from the microwave. There's a knock at the door. "What, you need more blood?" he yells as he walks to the door. He's shocked by who's standing there, but we don't see just yet. What we do see is someone grab Lazlo by the throat and carry him through the house (Lazlo drops the beer and the Hot Pocket, so at least he'll avoid the diarrhea later). And now, in front of the mirror, we see that George Lazlo is being held by...George Lazlo. The real George Lazlo starts screaming. The George Lazlo Tribute imitates him for a moment (getting the voice down, I presume) and then slams the Non-Famous Original into the mirror, killing him.

As the truck slows to a stop, John looks over at the still-unconscious guard. Two more guards stroll around to the back of the truck. "Didn't you lock it?" says one, noticing that the padlock is open. The other guy says he did. When they open the door and the guard inside doesn't immediately jump out to greet him, instead of CHECKING THE TRUCK, they assume that, because this guy had been threatening to bail all week, he must have opened the lock from inside the truck, gotten out, then closed the door and chained it again, while the truck was rolling down the highway. So they stomp off somewhere. Well, that's all mighty fortunate for John, as it gives him a chance to hop out of the truck and see where he is. There are blue barrels and giant machinery and a big sign with the radiation symbol and "FALLOUT SHELTER" on it. So, not Chuck E. Cheese, notes a disappointed John, who hides in the corner and waits. ["It's more sanitary where he is." -- Sars]

Ellison for some reason is presenting what he knows about the case to a room full of fellow agents and superiors. "Six victims," he notes, that come from six different worlds. "What's the connection?" he asks, presumably rhetorically, but the -- let's call him the director -- says, essentially, "Um, none?" and says that the victims from Agent Brassy's case were just drug dealers. Ellison says there's a blood match (which I do imagine ought to prove just a little more troubling to more agents than just Ellison) and brings up a picture of Lazlo on the overhead projector. And this is where Stewart's cock-blocking -- I mean case-blocking begins. He stands up (egregiously calling Ellison "Jim" -- "James", Ellison icily corrects him) and says the blood sample cleared Lazlo.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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