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But Ellison's theory is that whoever killed Dr. Lyman was in the office for two days. He figures the killer had Lyman make him look like Lazlo. But what about scars, and bruising? asks Agent Brassy. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber plus makeup, says Ellison. Yeah, but wouldn't he still have to heal like Wolverine? "Actually," begins Stewart, standing up again. If he ever shows up on the TWoP bulletin boards, he's going to get warned for tone SO FAST. Stewart explains that he asked the nurse about all this, and their anesthesia levels were unchanged over the weekend, and it'd be impossible for someone to spend four or five hours under the knife like that. "You can't take that kind of pain," says Stewart. Ellison looks like he'd be willing to at least test that theory out on Stewart himself. The director doesn't seem to be too concerned about Stewart investigating Ellison's case without Ellison's knowledge, just wants to make sure Ellison got a release from Lazlo for the blood sample. But since we don't know anything of Ellison's investigation prior to Sarah and John jumping ahead in time, I'm willing to accept that the director might himself have assigned Stewart to keep an eye on Ellison.

Outside the meeting, Stewart's all collegial, "Sorry, man," before adding, "But facts are facts." Yeah, and facts usually get shared between agents before presenting to the big boss. Agent Brassy sympathizes, but also notes that things don't add up. Ellison says that's only because they don't have all the numbers yet. "No one expects anything from you on this," says Agent Brassy, once again doing her best to keep Ellison's morale up. She wants to know why he's rocking the boat. "The last time I had a case where this many things didn't add up, three people blew themselves up in a bank," he says. Will he feel better or worse when he inevitably finds out those three people are still alive? "I just...feel it, Greta," he says, which Agent Brassy manages to turn into a masturbation joke. Glad we had this chat, GRETA.

Elsewhere, Cameron and Sarah's prisoner is shitting himself standing in the middle of a field, while Cameron gingerly walks away from him. "You can't leave me here!" he wails. "Would have been faster to kill him. Sometimes you seem inefficient," Cameron calls to Sarah, who's waiting in the truck. This is as Cameron walks past the red MINEFIELD sign. Ah. Right by the side of the road like that? Really? "I'm not for you to understand," says Sarah, who says she sometimes does stupid, illogical, inefficient things. "Get used to it," she says as Cameron gets in the Humvee. They drive off, leaving the guard to...die, I guess. Wow. Cold. I like it.

Back at the fallout shelter, John watches as the two guards have brought their boss back to the truck, saying their partner bailed, and had been bitching about money all week. "Then I wanna thank you for your service," says their employer, who calmly lifts up his gun and shoots both of them in the head. "I KNEW we should have gotten up a union!" yells one of them before he dies. John seems rather stunned that a Terminator could just kill people like that. The Terminator takes a key on a chain around his neck and sticks it in a panel near the door. The massive shelter doors slide closed, and the lights go off, leaving only the emergency power lights on. More dramatic! And then, the Terminator just stands in front of the door. Not moving. John watches him. He's gotta be wondering if he's going to have to wait for the next four years in here before the resistance starts.

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