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Heavy Metal Bummer

Sarah and Cameron drive the hummer right into Depot 37. But there's no one there. "Did that guy lie to you?" Sarah asks Cameron, who says no, adding that this is where the factory will be where she'll be made, along with many others. Right over there, behind those giant blast doors. Cameron says in the future, coltan is rare, much of it getting destroyed in the bombing, so they must be stockpiling it in the bomb shelters where it'll be safe. Here's an idea: send back a Terminator to tell Skynet, "Hey, lay off blowing up the coltan."

Inside the bunker, John is still watching the silent Terminator. But the guard he conked out in the back of the truck is now awake, and pointing a gun at him. John almost immediately calms the guy down and says he's just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and tells "Mike" that the Terminator (whom Mike calls "Carter") shot Mike's two compadres. "He'll kill us if he finds us, so we need to get out." "Carter killed them?" says Mike, and John says that since Mike's worked with Carter, he must have noticed how Carter seems kind of off? Like how he seems like he'd just as soon kill you as look at you? And how he's always talking about what a bitch time travel is? And how Carter goes to the Minit-Lube every three months for a checkup, but he walks instead of taking a car? Mike is all, "Now that you mention it, he is always talking about how he and his fellow cyborgs are going to need this coltan to crush the human resistance twenty years from now," and he stomps off to confront Carter.

John scurries off to hide while Mike points his gun at Carter and demands his money (and the shares of his dead buddies). Carter doesn't respond, until Mike pushes him, toppling him over (Carter breaks his fall with the knuckles of his fists). Uh oh. There go the red eyes. Better get scarce, Mike. Carter grabs Mike by the throat, and reduces his demand from money to, you know, just opening the door. "Thank you for your service," says Carter. See, no hard feelings! So why does Mike have a fire a bullet into Carter's face? Not that it does anything other than give Carter a cool metallic scar over one eye. Oh, and Mike gets his neck snapped.

And now, back to the wall. Carter goes motionless again. John fishes a coin out of his pocket and tosses it to see if there's any reaction. There's none, but then I probably wouldn't move for anything other than paper money either. Sufficiently convinced Carter's not going to snap his spine, John spots a phone in some sort of control room. "Oh, God, please," he whispers as he picks it up. Fortunately, there's a dial tone.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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