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"I could say the same to you, Mr. Dixon," says a tall dude, striding into the room and flashing his FBI badge, and he starts quizzing Dixon about his relationship with Sarah. Does this FBI guy just hang out at the West Fork police department? Because the cop didn't exactly put out an APB on a runaway fiancée here. Or had the FBI agent already tracked the Connors to West Fork? And if so, how the hell big do they expect us to think West Fork is that he hasn't located them within West Fork? Oh, hang on -- just going to affix a sticky note to my computer that reads, "IT'S NOT A DOCUMENTARY." That should help.

FBI Guy tells Dixon about Skynet and Miles Dyson -- well, the version in which Sarah Connor escaped from a mental hospital and killed Dyson. Dixon isn't sure what to believe, since FBI Guy has a picture of Sarah in a file and everything! I don't believe my fiancée would do something like that, but then again, you do have a picture of her, and it's in a file folder and everything. "Why would she do that?" he asks. "Well, you know, Mr. Dixon," says FBI Guy (Agent James Ellison), "it's the robots. The ones from the future. The ones Skynet sent to kill her son." The "Luke Skywalker type" leading a "scrappy band of rebels." Dixon angrily says that John is like a son to him. "I came down here for help! You can't really be asking me this!" Ellison dials it down a notch to tell Dixon that he just wants to impress upon him how badly the U.S. government wants to find his fiancée, "because she's a deluded, dangerous Grade-A Whack-A-Mole who killed a man because she believes that in the future he'll invent a computer system that declares war on the world." Dixon stands there, seething. "So let's begin with her name," says FBI Guy, who says he already understands that it's not Connor.

Wait, "Whack-A-Mole"?

After a brief shot of Sarah gassing up while watching for lethal robots and John sleeping in the car, we see Ellison typing some new information into the Sarah Connor file. Guess she was going by "Sarah Reese." Taking the last name of someone else arrested over the course of your, um, "Whack-A-Mole" adventures ain't exactly a fugitive masterstroke. And on a computer screen in some dingy, warehouse-y setting, a shadowy figure takes notice as the Sarah Connor information is transmitted to his computer screen. Reflected in the monitor, his head snaps to, and a red light blinks on in his eye.

Red Valley, New Mexico, Sept. 6. We're at what appears to be a high school. Why Sarah doesn't just home-school John and be done with it, I have no idea. John's literally keeping his head down in class while the teacher drones on about his rules, like anyone remembers all the minutiae of individual teachers' laws after the first day of school. "What's your name?" asks a brunette behind him, who kind of has an old-school classic beauty about her. Like a less worn-out Rose McGowan, is what I'm saying. "John," says John. "Cameron," she likewises. I can only assume the choice of name for her is a nice tribute to Mike Cameron, who was responsible for functional props during the making of Terminator 2. The two of them earn a light rebuke from the teacher for talking, as well as titters from the rest of the class. So much for not calling attention to yourself.

Outside, Cameron grills John about whether he just moved here ("Sucks for you," she teases) and what his parents do. Her dad sells tractors, his dad sells insurance. Her mom stays at home, his mom...well, he doesn't say. "I really gotta get to the next class, so..." he says. So maybe I'll see you around? she says. And he is more noncommittal than probably any teenage boy Summer Glau has ever spoken to.

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