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Over at some diner, an incredibly up-to-the-second newscast is reporting gunfire at Crestview High School. Sarah, waiting tables, has to make a split-second decision over whether her son is more important than making sure table twelve gets its pigs in a blanket.

Back at Terminator High, Chrome Artie has flipped over to infrared, and spots John crouching behind a car. He hops off the bus and starts towards John, firing the entire way. He catches up with John, huddling between two parked cars, and slowly raises the gun. Before he can fire (although he'd probably miss), he's smacked by a speeding truck. We hear squealing tires as the truck reverses, and stops in front of John. Cameron kicks open the passenger door, and an entire audience says in unison, "Come with me if you want to live." John thinks about it for a moment (probably something along the lines of "she drives like Billy Joel but she's pretty hot") and jumps in. As they drive off, we see Chrome Artie getting to his feet. John looks at the bullet holes on her chest (at least, I presume that's what he's looking at in that area) and she looks back at him, all, "My ocular sensors are up here."

After the commercial break, Sarah is scanning the madness at the school with all the emergency responders on scene, using binoculars. Suddenly, Chrome Artie jumps in front of her, and lifts her with one hand, throwing her backward. His face is scratched all metallicky! He grabs her by the throat. "Where is he? What have you done with him?" she yells. He cocks his head. Sarah realizes Chrome Artie doesn't know where John is, and tries to put a bullet in her head to prevent him from finding out, but Chrome says he's going to use Sarah to find John. Just then, Sarah's cell phone rings, and Chrome answers, using Sarah's voice, to calm John down and tell him to go to the house. John hangs up, looking concerned, and hops in the truck. Chrome slams Sarah's head into the ground, knocking her out.

Chrome Artie carries Sarah into the house -- wait, how did he know where they lived? If he already knew, why didn't he just go after John there instead of at the school? Anyway, he carries a still unconscious Sarah into the house and plops her down in an easy chair, waking her up, just in time to hear the back door open. It's someone with a hood covering his face, but we hear John's voice, so it must be him! Chrome Artie fires a few bullets into him, freaking Sarah out. When he walks over to confirm the kill, turns out it's Cameron. "Neat trick. You like?" says Cameron, in John's voice. Sarah takes advantage of the momentary confusion to break through the wall she was painting earlier into a hidden cache of guns; she whips out a shotgun and pumps a few rounds into Chrome, distracting him enough for Cameron to get up and start wrasslin'. The two Terminators throw each other around the house, through walls and railings, effectively ending any chance the Connors have of getting their damage deposit back. Sarah fires off a few more shots, and Chrome fires back, but Sarah ducks behind the easy chair, since bullets can't penetrate plaid upholstery.

While the Terminators slug it out, John comes running in and almost gets a shell in the face from Mom. She grabs him: "Next time you do what you're trained to do. You run!" she says, like SORRY I SAVED YOUR LIFE, MA, and they run out the door.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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