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Cameron's gassing up the truck, and John offers her a chip. She doesn't take one, but instead says that since John apologized back at the school for lying to her, she should apologize too. He tells her it's cool, since she was programmed to get close to him ("Like some hot girl is really gonna try and make friends with the new weird kid," he self-pities). Sarah's coming out of the gas station with a bag of supplies, and she pauses to watch the two of them interact. She shouldn't worry; it's not like John can get Cameron pregnant. (Upcoming clip from sweeps week: Cameron tells John, "I'm pregnant.") "In the future, you have many friends," she says, sounding like a parent reassuring an unpopular child. John asks what model she is, because she seems "different." Cameron helps herself to a chip. "I am," she says, and doesn't even answer his question.

We're off to Los Angeles, where the Connor Crew visits the angry widow of Miles Dyson. Sarah eventually convinces her that she didn't kill Miles, adding that he was a hero. "Then why are you here?" asks Mrs. Dyson. "We're back," says Cameron, by way of explanation. So far, she seems to be from the Cryptic line of Terminators. Her eyes literally flash blue, which is enough to convince Mrs. Dyson. "You told me there'd be no more machines," she says wearily, moving to the living room, and Sarah says they need her help, and wants to know if there was anyone who showed an interest in Miles's work. "There's nobody. It's all gone. You destroyed it all. You and Miles, you destroyed...you destroyed everything," says Tarissa. Cameron rushes in and says they have to go now. But you just got here!

Outside, Chrome Artie is striding up the driveway with an automatic weapon at his side. He looks at the Crew's truck, decides it's "clean," and turns his attention to the house, pulling up a blueprint.

Inside, Sarah asks for Tarissa's help: "For my son." That must have worked, because just as Chrome Artie is about to head up the steps of the Dysons' palatial house, the sound of an engine revving from inside a nearby garage catches his attention. He stops, and an SUV suddenly breaks down the garage door. Rather than, you know, GETTING OUT OF THE WAY, the Terminator does that confused head-cock thing, and gets bounced off the rear door, cracking the rear window with his head. The SUV peels off, with Chrome shooting at them, blowing out the back window, before he breaks into a run. As he passes the Crew's old truck, Cameron pushes a button on her key fob. Locking it so no one steals the stereo? Close: the truck blows up, catching Artie in the explosion and sending him hurtling through the air. I guess when he scanned the truck, he missed the explosives Cameron planted.

In the Dyson-mobile, the trio discover that Sarah's been hit. And back at the Dyson place, an increasingly banged-up Artie stands up, ever more robotically. If he fails in his mission to kill John Connor, he can probably enter some break-dancing competitions for kicks.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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