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Sarah walks down the hotel hallway, which is as busy as a college dorm but with fewer pizza boxes and speakers pointed out the window. The mysterious, stubbly Brian Austin Green bumps into her walking the other way down the hall. Which undoubtedly means: so much for Andy.

Sure enough, Sarah finds Andy on the floor of his hotel room, dead from having a bullet in the middle of his forehead. Sarah heads back out into the hallway, and BAG, despite presumably coming from a room with a dead guy, can't muster up a pace faster than "amble," and is still in the hallway. He looks back, and then ducks down some stairs. Sarah takes the ones closer to her.

Somehow, despite following him, she manages to get in front of him and ambush him, and they tussle. Well, it's not really an even fight. BAG is getting his ass kicked. Sarah gets on top of him. "Who are you?" she yells, and BAG pushes her off, and runs away, which is right when at least three police cars arrive and surround him. I know it seems like a really quick response time since neither Sarah nor BAG, I assume, called the cops, but I'm pretty sure that police usually station a few extra units at a hotel when there's a computer chess tournament on, since things tend to get a little rowdy. Near enough that the police cars' red-and-blues are lighting her up in bright colours, Sarah watches BAG get arrested. She slumps against a wall. "I'm so sorry, Andy," she says. How about you feel guilty a little farther away from the cops before you get arrested?

Sarah is furiously doing chin-ups on the swing set. Cameron strolls over to her and gives her a pencil. "You should write Andy a note, because you can't cry," she says. Sarah wordlessly snaps the pencil in half and hands the pieces to Cameron and walks inside.

Inside, Sarah says, "It doesn't bother you that he's dead, does it?" Sarah, sweetie, she's a cyborg. Cameron just says the world is safer without him, which is probably not what Sarah needs to hear. But they're interrupted by John, who comes in with his laptop and says the LAPD's firewalls really blow. He's found the arrest report for the guy, who doesn't have a name yet. One of the photos on the report shows his bar code tattoo. "He's one of them," says Sarah, leaving the room. Cameron says this guy is the fourth resistance fighter. "So you know him. From the future," says John. "So do you. He's one of your best soldiers," says Cameron. "Who is he?" might be the next logical question to ask Cameron. Instead, Sarah walks back in with the surveillance photos of Andy, and says the group must have been watching him, just like the Connor Crew was. John says the big difference is that this guy killed Andy. And you know that...how? And also, wasn't killing Andy something you guys might have had to do? Cameron says killing Andy wasn't this guy's mission. "You sent him here to wait for us," she says. "Well, I guess he changed his mind. A lot," says John. Once again, I think a little more proof than "this guy was at the hotel" is necessary here. Sarah says she needs to talk to him, and John points out that the guy's in lockdown. Sarah doesn't respond.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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