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Hi-yo, Silver!

Brian Austin Green paces his tiny cell, C-7. A guard knocks on the door and tells "John Doe" that he's got a visitor. It's Ellison. They sit across from each other. Ellison asks if BAG's manacles are too tight, and then explains it's a common ploy for the shackles to be put on too tight so the interrogating officer can loosen them, thus establishing a connection with the prisoner. It doesn't work if you tell the prisoner, agent! Ellison is like the cop version of that magician who kept going on FOX to expose tricks of the trade. "But we already got a connection," says Ellison. He whips out some photographs, of bar code tattoos and dead people. He talks about the safe at the crime scene, which was emptied by someone who knew the combination. BAG stays silent. "So, we've got you running from the scene of Andrew Good's murder. And we've got you living at, and disappearing from, and most likely returning to, the scene of these three murders." But that's not all! Ellison's got forensic evidence that connects the triple murder to more murders! BAG stares at all the photographs and asks what the forensic evidence that connects them all. He speaks! And, sad to say, David Silver's voice has still not broken. Blood, says Ellison. "Not my blood," says BAG. No, and technically not actual blood, says Ellison: "Some kind of synthetic." That gets BAG's attention. Ellison asks BAG to tell him something he doesn't know. BAG stares at Ellison for a few moments. "We're all gonna die."

Ellison, who gets great cell phone reception inside the prison, tells someone that he wants the prisoner transferred today, since BAG's got something to say, and Ellison wants him on federal turf when he says it. Ellison wouldn't have much reason to notice the nearby group of prisoners walking single-file down the hall. But there's one more connection to the triple murder: the Terminator who committed it, shackled and in an orange prison jumpsuit, at the end of the line.

Ellison leaves the prison just as Sarah's arriving. Not that he'd recognize her in a straight bob wig, sunglasses, and miniskirt. If she's trying to keep a low profile, I'm not sure the Sexy Lawyer look is the way to go. Not that I'm complaining. She's on her cell phone with Mr. Harris about Jordon's suicide. "When I spoke to Cameron about it, she seemed strangely unaffected," says Harris. Can someone point out to Harris that Cameron -- apart from being a cyborg -- had been at the school, what, two days? Not every teenager needs to bawl in front of a trauma team. Sarah says things have been tough, what with the "tornado" (another Wizard of Oz reference) and then the move. She kind of trails off, but that's because she's distracted by nicking someone's security pass as they leave. Harris perks up at the mention of a tornado, but as soon as he says "post-traumatic stress disorder," Sarah tells him he'll need to speak up, and she snaps her phone shut and proceeds through the security gate.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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