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She's ushered into the interview room, where she sits down across from a stunned BAG, who says, "You shouldn't be here." "I know who you are," she says. Well, of course you do; otherwise why would you be there? BAG says he knows who she is too: "Who else but Sarah Connor would have burned down that poor kid's house?" Hey, at least Andy's voice has cracked. Sarah says BAG was the one on Andy's porch that night; he's been watching: "You wanted to kill him, the 'poor kid,' and you did." BAG says he only wanted the Turk, and Andy was already dead when he got there. "He was dead and the Turk was gone, and I'd hoped you did it." So the Turk is out there, then. BAG still wants her to get out of there, because he's got a "T-888" on his ass. Well, I'm sure you can get a shot to clear that right up. "Now if you could find me, it will too." BAG suggests going to find Andy's partner, the Russian. Sarah wants to bust him out: "You're dead in here," but BAG insists she go: "I won't be the bastard who brings metal down on the Connors, so just go." Even more hated would be the bastard who brings bluegrass down on the Connors. She realizes he's right and gets up to leave, only he makes a last-ditch attempt to turn this into a conjugal visit. "You're prettier than your picture," he says, giving her pause. He says his brother used to carry her snap for luck. "Who's your brother?" Sarah manages to say. BAG says it doesn't matter: "You don't know the Reese boys and you never will." Again, Sarah can barely get the words out: "'Reese boys'?" "Derek Reese," says BAG. "Brother's Kyle." Sarah looks like she swallowed a mosquito.

As Derek gets ushered away to his transfer, Sarah recaps the first Terminator movie in far fewer words than I could have ever hoped to. Meanwhile, the T-888 in cell D-10 decides he's had enough of confinement, and knocks open the door. He stomps over to cell C-7, and knocks that door in as well, but there's no one in there, which he could have seen if he'd bothered to look through the little window.

Derek's loaded up for his transfer, while his nephew makes his way through the halls at the end of the school day. He spots Cheri standing outside, and strolls over to say hello. "John, walk away," she says, not even looking at him. He's all, whuh? But she just says it again, and then walks over to a waiting car, glances over his shoulder, gets in, and rides away. John, she's pretty and all, but STAY AWAY. This will not go well. Morris strolls up. "Lock and key, bro. Lock and key," he says.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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