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Season 2 picks up right where the abbreviated season 1 left off, just after a bomb goes off in Cameron's Jeep. Considering how indestructible the Terminators have proven to be from their very first iteration, it wasn't much of a cliffhanger to assume that she's going to survive a rinky-dink explosion that barely singes her clothes. It seems to scramble her circuits somewhat, enough to give supposedly the real Sarkissian and a heretofore-unseen-henchman time to burst into the Connor compound and take Sarah and John as prisoners while they look for the computer John was hacking.

Rather overdoing the slow-motion dialogue-free action sequence, Cameron hobbles into the house and takes out one baddie downstairs while Sarah and John free themselves upstairs, John killing Sarkissian. While spilled kerosene ignites, Cameron walks in on Sarah and John, identifies John, and she now apparently thinks her mission is to terminate him. Before she can, however, the house's nitroglycerin storage unit explodes, knocking Cameron down and giving the Connors an opportunity to run for it.

Elsewhere, remember, Chrome Artie is declining to execute Agent Ellison after laying waste to the FBI's finest in a motel courtyard (and probably ruining Ethel Johnson of 4D's upcoming weekend pool party in the process), and Charley is arriving on scene just in time to stand around looking even more stunned than usual.

Afterwards, an FBI agent gets Ellison to identify the body of the real Lazlo as the shooter, while wondering how a "mope" like that took out twenty of their best agents. Charley can't believe Ellison wants them to believe this mope was responsible. "They gonna believe a machine from the future stole his identity and did it?" is Ellison's response. He may have a point. He apologizes to Lazlo's corpse for having to shoulder the blame. Lazlo's corpse seems indifferent.

John and Sarah have managed to steal a minivan that doesn't seem to handle very well, but then again the testers probably never put it through the "flee from an unstoppable killing machine" test. John appears to be shell-shocked and isn't answering his mom as she yells at him to find out if he's OK. She takes her eyes off the road and hits a car, which finally wakes John up, and they turn the accident into a literal hit and run, with John limping, thanks to a gash he suffered when jumping through a Connor Compound window. And elsewhere, not attracting attention at all, is Cameron, bloodied and hobbling down the street.

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