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So if you die in your dreams, do you die in real life? Sarah's in the back of the van, handcuffed, and Winston's outside on the phone, saying Sarah's son is the one they want, and they'll give him a little more time to show up. Sarah frantically works at her handcuffs, and ... oh, my god, she's biting into her wrist. She's drawing blood! Her mouth is ringed with her own blood! Then she braces her legs behind her cuffs, and pushes, and -- oh, that crunch sound made my stomach turn.

Outside, Winston's saying he guesses they don't need her anymore. He says they can trace her cellphone to this location even without her alive. "It makes no difference to me. I'll take care of it right now." Sarah's sliding the cuffs off her blood-lubricated left hand, and her thumb -- her thumb's not moving. That can't feel good.

Outside, Winston pulls his gun out of his pants. "Hell, it's what she wants," he says, and he strolls around to the back of the van. He opens the door, and Sarah leaps at him, jabbing the SYRINGE IN HIS EYE. My GOD. We can see it sticking out and everything! He's -- to put it mildly -- surprised, but pulls it together to start scrapping with her, knocking her around a couple of times. They fight for his gun and fall to the ground. Winston gets on top of her and starts to choke her, and Sarah jams her fingers into his non-syringed eye. He lets her go, in agony, and she grabs his gun, and points it at his head. It's a Colt! That's how she'll know the answer to a particular question later on when she's competing on Who Wants to be a Post-Apocalyptic Hellscape Millionaire. "You're real. You're real!" says Sarah. She pulls the trigger, and then Winston is real dead.

Sarah's driving home now, so we go back into voiceover mode. "A spirit sits on a man's chest. She is strong, beautiful. She is here to steal his children. She is here to steal his future. He is paralyzed. The terror in him will burst his heart if he cannot control it. She is a nightmare, a demon woman. The oldest and most enduring story told by man. The witching hour is controlled by witches." And the new Dodge Ram! She stops her shiny new truck, because she sees a coyote. "She is a bad dream. She is a bad bitch."

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