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So how much fun must it be to be in a cafeteria with Cameron, the Dietitianator 3000, telling John that he needs a carbohydrate that's at least 15 percent of his recommended daily intake. She puts some blueberry pancakes on the plate, and John laments that they won't be as good as hers. Cameron smiles at him. "You make pancakes?" says Sarah, looking a little distressed about it. Cameron says she added a teaspoon of vanilla to Sarah's own recipe. "I don't have a recipe," says Sarah. "On the box," explains Cameron. So I guess Sarah's been found out as not actually having a pancake recipe. I hope they go somewhere with this!

Outside having breakfast, Cameron's doing her best to blend in with the family by not actually eating with them but in fact standing guard, sizing everyone up. John picks at his food; his mom asks if it's not as good as Cameron's, and he says it's "not as good as food" and promises to bring Sarah something tomorrow.

He asks if they've figured out what's wrong with her yet, and she starts whining again about how she shouldn't be here, and John's telling her that it's necessary. "You haven't slept in two weeks. You fell down the stairs. If you don't take care of yourself, something worse might happen." He tells her he needs her to get better. And they look at Cameron, and he tells her not to forget that Sarah's not her, which I'm sure is important for John to keep in mind, masturbation-fantasy-wise.

So John and Cameron leave, and Sarah sits there and watches as some guy comes out to clean up tables. On the back of his right arm is a tattoo of a couple of black bars, and on the back of his neck is a coyote. Next thing we know, we see Sarah lying in bed, electrodes on her scalp, tossing and turning...

...and now she's in the back of a dramatically lit van, with tinny music coming through from the front (which is blocked off by wire mesh). The driver eventually stops and gets out, and then comes around and opens the back door. It's the formerly late Winston from Desert Heat and Air. "I killed you," a stunned Sarah tells him. "And I killed you. One of us is gonna have to step it up," he says, and climbs into the back of the van with her.

So Winston's eating sunflower seeds, and asks if she wants to know who he is, and then goes off on a tangent about how people always ask that question when he takes the blindfold off. Psychiatrists think that naming something gives you power over it, which is bullshit, says Winston, who admits he forgot that Sarah already knows him, and then reminds her she found them with the help of a cross-dresser and hypnotherapist, which he "didn't see coming."

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