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Where Did You Sleep Last Night

So he wants to know who she's working with, despite her claim that she works alone, because someone blew up their factory while she was in the hospital, and he asks if she was talking to her accomplice on the phone earlier. Your boyfriend, hmm? Client? He smacks her across the face, and she tells him to come closer and she'll tell him the name, and since he doesn't want to get his face bitten off he readies an injection for her, warning her that she'll be talking by the time he's finished eating his sunflower seeds (half of them are on the floor). As for the injection? "Special recipe," says the guy. You know, like Cameron's pancakes (hint-hint)!

And now we're back to the sleep clinic, where Sarah's startled awake by the sight of the doctor readying a big syringe, which appears to be oozing out gel. The doctor asks if the gel is too cold, and then says something about people not liking the electrodes at first because they feel like Frankenstein. But Frankenstein was the doctor, not the monster!

And the doctor's got something to show Sarah, and takes her into the observation room, which features a bunch of computers displaying incomprehensible data. And the doctor says something about Sarah's night terrors (which Sarah says she never told her about, but the doctor says she didn't have to), which can cause brain tumors, or, put another way... "cancer," says Sarah, which the doctor says, near as they can tell, Sarah doesn't have. She also doesn't have any sleep apnea or any other disorders, so the doctor figures whatever's wrong with her is in her mind. She asks if Sarah's ever tried therapy, because it can help to talk problems out. "Didn't take," says Sarah, neglecting to mention that the therapist is DEAD now. How about diazepam? "Don't like drugs," says Sarah.

"Speaking of drugs," says the doctor, as she spies Dana walking by. Then she asks Sarah if her roommate has been smoking again. Nothing like asking a patient to rat on another patient, hey?

In the room itself, an irritated doctor yanks open the curtains to Dana's window while grumbling about how she doesn't want to be anybody's mother, because she's got two kids of her own. She finds a cigarette butt on the windowsill. "Did you know about this?" she snaps at Sarah, like it's SARAH'S fault. The doctor then gripes that, in addition to the obvious hazards, cigarettes are also a stimulant, so it's not going to be helping Dana's sleeping. Sarah says she gave up cigarettes years ago as she's already got too much excitement in her life, and the doctor kinda chuckles and says "Don't we all." Then she has to go "file a report" on this cigarette butt, which seems a bit of a stretch, and she says she'll be back to attach Sarah's electrodes later. Sarah looks absolutely thrilled at the prospect.

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