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Where Did You Sleep Last Night

She strolls over to her window to check out the dreamcatcher, which for anyone who doesn't know is a hoop with a woven net decorated with feathers. Dana strolls in to tell Sarah what it is, and explain that it's supposed to catch nightmares. Hector made one for her too, she says, and Sarah's all, Hector? And Dana explains she's talking about the cleaning guy: "You know, papi chulo with the neck tattoo?" she says, and then complains about "Nurse Ratched" smacking her on the bum for the cigarette, and now she's got some sleeping pills. "The good stuff," she whispers.

Then Dana asks what kind of dreams Sarah's been having, like falling, being chased, teeth falling out, etc., and Sarah says "being chased should cover it," and Dana says that means she's running away from something she doesn't want to deal with. Meanwhile, Dana dreams of being burned alive, and since I can barely keep my eyes open at this point I just have to say SOUNDS GOOD TO ME. Sarah figures it's her anxiety over quitting smoking, and Dana thinks it could be she was a witch in another life. "They say if you die in your dreams, you die in real life," says Sarah. Yeah, they said that in Nightmare on Elm Street, Sarah. Doesn't make it true. Dana says she's died a thousand times. "Of all the nightmares it's caught, I'm surprised it hasn't spilled them out all over the bed," she says, then asks if the bad guys ever catch Sarah.

Which is when we snap back to Sarah all twitchy on the pavement, and then in the back of the van with Winston again. She slowly comes to. "That's quite a collection," says Winston, nibbling on his sunflower seeds. "Bullet wounds, stabbings... emergency C-section." Sarah looks down, sees her fly is undone. Oh, gross. She snaps them up while Winston figures that by how old her C-section scar is, her son must be 15 or 20 by now. "They'll kill you, you know," says Sarah, telling him that Kaliba (which owns Desert Heat and Air, remember) will kill him like they killed 30 people at their factory. "Why would anyone blow up their own factory?" he says, and Sarah says it's to hide what they were building. Which was? "The end," says Sarah. "You are very dramatic," says Winston. Sarah tries a different tack, telling him that Diana thought he was a good man: "What do you think she'd say if she saw you now?" Winston thinks about it for a couple of seconds, coming to a slow burn. "You leave my wife out of this, you crazy bitch," he says, and then grabs her, throwing her against the side of the van and then slamming her to the floor. He handcuffs her hands behind her back, and then grabs the syringe, which has fallen to the floor, only she manages to roll over and kick him in the chest, knocking him backwards, and then he falls forward, and the rule of television/movies states that bad guys will always fall on their own syringes, which is what happens here. As Sarah manages to work her manacled hands around to her front, Winston slumps to the floor. He tries to pull out his gun, but he's too weak.

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