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Where Did You Sleep Last Night

She hops out the back of the van, and starts running. They're in some kind of (of course) abandoned warehouse, and she runs until she comes to a locked-up fence. No way through. Winston grabs her from behind. "Didn't see that coming, huh?" he says, and drags her away.

Sarah wakes up in the sleep clinic to the sound of a fire alarm, not to the raging bonfire in the bed next to her. "Dana?" she says. It does look like there's a body in the bed. Hobson comes in with a couple of orderlies, who drag her out of the room, while she yells, "She's in there!" over and over again.

Sarah calls John so she can say she told him so, about how there are weird things going on, and she tells him that her roommate died in a fire last night. So John now thinks she should come home, only now apparently that's a stupid idea. But John's completely distracted, because Cameron just walked by, for no reason that we're privy to, in red underwear.

Dr. Hobson is addressing a group of patients and staff, telling them that despite the rumour that Dana didn't pull through, she is in fact alive, albeit in critical condition. Given that it was such a traumatic event, she understands if any patients want to discontinue their treatment, but she lets them know that observing their sleeping patterns after such a stressful event could be very helpful. (Translation: no refunds.) "Whatever you choose, we fully support your decision," she says.

Hobson catches up with "Ms. Baum" in the hallway, and says she heard she decided to stay. Sarah confirms it. Hobson warns her that all the stress has likely elevated her cortisol levels, which will likely make it harder to sleep tonight, so she's got a couple of diazepam for her, and she deposits a couple of little blue pills into Sarah's palm. "Better take them now," advises Hobson, who helpfully has a water bottle with her. Sarah puts the pills in her mouth and takes a swig of water (sip your slurp!) and naturally, after Hobson leaves, pulls the pills out from under her tongue.

In her room, Hector is examining the burned curtains by Dana's bed when Sarah comes in. "I've been meaning to say thank you. For the dreamcatcher," she says, while he, startled, gets back to sweeping. She asks if he makes them for all the patients. "Just the ones who need it," he says.

Sarah goes and sits on her bed, and tells him Dana used to dream about being burned to death, and Hector says he should have made her a bigger one. Yeah, that's hilarious, Hector. He says she should have taken charge of the things that were in her head, controlled it. "You believe in that?" says Sarah. "Of course I do," says Hector. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT NOW. He turns to go, and Sarah catches a glimpse of the coyote tattoo on the back of his neck. She asks if it has mystical significance: "Does it protect you? Guide you?" None of the above, Sarah: "It's for my girl. She thinks it's sexy."

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