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Where Did You Sleep Last Night

Sarah's jerked awake by John, who Sarah called sometime after getting the shot, it would seem. He's there to get her out of there, but she says the doctor's just going to keep hurting people if they don't do something about it. So blow up the hospital and call it a day.

Hobson leaves her forbidden chamber of mystery on the ground floor, and then John and Sarah creep out from the stairwell. So much for this sedative the doctor gave Sarah. They head over to the keypad. "Think you can hack the combination?" asks Sarah. "In my sleep," says John. Clue! So beep-boop-beep and they're in, to a room with large monitors on the wall displaying neural images. Brain scans. John checks out one of the desktop computers, and says there are thousands of files. Sarah asks if she's one, and gives John her bracelet so he can get her patient ID number. And sure enough, there she is. A scarred forehead, flat hair -- she looks like a mugshot pulled from thesmokinggun.com. "There's a ton of data on you. It's a whole profile," says John. She tells him to delete it. She's convinced it's a Skynet program, and he tries telling her that it's just a sleep clinic, only she thinks sleep is the perfect cover. She implores him to delete her profile, which takes a few moments of frantic typing.

Elsewhere, Hobson is alerted by an orderly that the electrodes in Room 22 aren't picking up any data. "Thank you for telling me," says Hobson, rather robotically. That's right. She's acted completely human up until now, but suddenly she's speaking flatly and walking the terminator purposeful walk.

So John's finally deleted Sarah's profile, but now they've got another problem. Someone's beeping on the keypad outside the room. Hey, Sarah, climb up to the ceiling this time!

So Hobson comes in, and she sees just Sarah standing there. Sarah offers a "sleepwalking" excuse, and Hobson says, "Through a locked door?" Sarah's all "sorry" and then stares over at John, who's TRYING to hide behind some computers. She says she'll go back to her room. "Did you know that when a human falls in love the same areas of the brain light up as when a human is intoxicated?" says Hobson. Yeah, here comes the "human" talk. Hobson also says they don't know why humans dream. "Humans like you?" asks Sarah, that cock-eyed optimist. Hobson just smiles. "You drugged me," says Sarah. Hobson says she's experiencing sleep paralysis: "You'll want to move, but you can't." Then she picks Sarah up and throws her against the wall. Sarah falls to the floor and Hobson gets on top and tells Sarah that, believe it or not, her body is actually protecting her right now. She grabs Sarah by the throat, and says Sarah was talking to her boy just now, and orders Sarah to call him. She stands up. "I'd die first," says Sarah, and Hobson knocks her across the mouth, knocking out a couple of teeth. "I'm sure you'd like that, to die. It's never that easy," says Hobson, just like Winston did in the van. She picks up a big computer and lifts it above her head to throw at Sarah, but is shot three times in the chest by John. She falls backward. Sarah takes his gun, and goes and stands right over Hobson's body, because Sarah's been taking notes while watching Friday the 13th movies. Hobson's eyes open, and she grabs the gun and blows John away, and then shoots Sarah right between the eyes. She falls to the floor, dead.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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