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Sarah and Cameron are going over the information about Dakara. It's got three dots, an AI with strong survival skills, and the Air Force. Cameron says their AI is not the Turk, because Xander doesn't play chess. Instead, he plays Go, which she pulls out and begins to play. Xander told her that it has been calculated that there are more Go games than there are atoms in the universe. I just don't believe that. She recites a Go proverb that Xander told her: Strange things happen at the one-two point. It means that the usual rules don't always apply. Sarah replies that they same rules always apply. Dakara will get the money to meet their Air Force deadline because it's written in blood on her basement wall. I wish I could count on a sign like that when I really needed one. Sarah picks up three little white Go pebbles and places them in her hands like the three dots and shows them to Cameron. I think Cameron rolls her eyes.

Riley is shopping when she is approached by...Jesse. Apparently Riley wanted to talk to her. They go to a dressing room where a sullen Riley tells her that something is wrong -- John was going to tell her something but he ran away. Jesse tells her that it's normal -- he's a boy. Jesse remarks that there are a lot of mirrors in this world. She doesn't think she can continue this mission. Jesse says she understands that Riley is upset, even if she has real feelings for John ("There's a reason people follow him all over hell.") Riley suggests that she may want out. Jesse says without real menace that there is no out and that Riley can do this. Then, she kisses her on the side of the head.

Derek and John are together and Derek tells him that he's starting to see the three dots everywhere himself. He says that you can forget what you were looking for in the first place and John says that he never forgets. Derek clearly seems to be evaluating John right now. John finally gets annoyed and Derek says that he just wants to know that he's seeing clearly. John just kind of stomps off.

Sarah and Alex meet for another coffee. He says that he met his wife at the first performance of Pink Floyd's The Wall. He says that there are some Japanese developers that make a microchip that is a supercomputer necessary for their program. They need a deposit though. Sarah asks him if he thinks it works and he says it's the future.

Ellison is in Babylon talking to a programmer/IT guy. It's freezing in the basement, which IT guy says is necessary. The more you ask of a computer, the more power it needs, the more heat it creates, the more power that it needs to cool it. He says that Babylon is a pig. Ellison asks if he knows the story of Babylon and IT guy says that he was a computer science major with a minor in beer bongs, so he didn't do stories. He gets the Ellison's Notes version, "God destroyed it." IT guy says that Babylon should have been shut down by the blackout, but it extracted every watt of energy from the generator to keep itself going -- it created new rules. Dr. Sherman was working with the AI -- "Touchy-feely BS, if you ask me," says IT guy, though he hadn't been asked. Ellison asks how Babylon felt about Dr. Sherman -- did it know it was killing him when it flipped the switch. "Impossible," says IT guy, adding hammily, "I hope." I know that "hammily" is not a word, but it was necessary.

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