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Sarah, Derek, and Cameron bust into Minamoto's apartment. He says that he doesn't have the money. He's an actor, hired by...Akagi. Sarah's about to blow his brains out, but Derek knows that he's not lying. Sarah kicks the actor and tells him that he never saw her face before leaving.

Outside, John meets up with them and asks them what is happening. Sarah says it's all adding up, but Derek says that she's till searching for shadows. He tells her that she got played. "Welcome to the human race."

Alex shows up at the Dakara offices calling for Xander (as dysfunctional as he seems, you'd think he'd always know where he is) and Sarah is there and starts beating the crap out of him. She seriously takes him apart. He begs her not to hurt Xander and she asks him about the three dots. He says "It's just a logo, you crazy bitch." She punches him once again. Sarah brings him to a room where Cameron is watching Xander. She tells him to confess to Xander what's up. He says that there was no chip. They weren't going to make the Air Force deadline and he wanted to make sure that Xander was taken care of. Alex says that sometimes he doesn't understand what Xander was saying. Just get a second job, dude. You don't have to steal from people. He tells them that the money is under his desk (and that the logo is just a logo) and Sarah and Cameron walk away.

Jesse returns to her room to find Derek there. She says that she's going to regret giving him a key. He tells her that John is his nephew and that she's the fourth person to know that. He says that he came here to fight a war and do whatever it takes to fight Skynet. He tells her there's no more room for secrets -- she needs to tell him everything now. She tells him that, the whole time they were stationed at Serrano Point, she was using his toothbrush. Oh yeah? Well, he wasn't brushing his teeth with that. I really want to know what he was doing with it. And, I don't. But I do. She hugs him. And, she doesn't say anything about Riley.

The next day, John is waiting for Sarah when she gets home. He's worried and hugs her. Then, there's a knock at the door. He knows that it's Riley. He answers the door and tells her it's unlike her to knock. She tells him that she rejects his rejection. She asks him if he wants to go for a walk. He doesn't answer, but he yells to Sarah that he's going out for a while. She seems nervous and excited that he's hanging with her.

Sarah goes to the bathroom to freshen up. She sees three red dots on her face and freaks the fuck out. She breaks the mirror into a million pieces, which of course makes you feel like this isn't going to get much better for her.

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