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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Making it to the parking lot, the Good Guys hijack a police car and peel out, while Officer Robert chases them. That's really a good-looking run he's got. He should be on Baywatch. Arnold drives the police car backward while he and Sarah fire guns at Officer Robert. John, in the back seat, reloads and gives helpful information like "last one". I'm actually quite impressed by how efficient he is at it. He must have learned a lot from all those ex-military guys his mother...um, never mind. Ew. Out in the parking lot, Arnold gets the police car turned around, and they make it to the open road. Unfortunately for them, Officer Robert has turned his hands into clampy things and has latched onto the back bumper. Arnold tells Sarah to drive and leans out the window to blow Officer Robert away with his shotgun. That's "away" as in "off the car", not "away" as in "dead". It's far too early in the movie for that. Having escaped the evil robot for the moment, Sarah takes a moment to hug her son. Then she rips into him for being so stupid as to try to rescue her. Parents, right? Arnold notices that John is crying, and asks "What's wrong with your eyes?" Dude. Come on. Nobody cries in the future? Back at the wreckage outside the hospital, a motorcycle cop rolls up and asks Officer Robert if everything is okay. "Fine. Say, that's a nice bike," is the response. See what's happened here? Now Arnold's driving a police car and Officer Robert's going to be on a motorcycle. They've switched vehicles! I don't know what that means, exactly, but it seems like it should mean something. The Connors stash their stolen police car in a stolen garage, and Arnold starts sewing up thing big ugly wound Sarah has on her back. He claims to have extensive files on human anatomy, which makes me wonder why he's never heard of "tear ducts". Sarah then goes behind Arnold with a pair of pliers and extracts many, many bullets. In the course of small talk, we learn that Arnold's CPU is a neural-net processor, which means he has the capability to learn. Which means that we're going to have to put up with some scenes of John "teaching" Arnold. I am so not looking forward to those. Arnold stands watch all night (while Sarah watches him suspiciously), then breaks into a station wagon in the morning. So the whole parallelism-of-vehicles theme is a bust, since they're quite sensibly ditching the stolen police car. John gloats quite a bit when Arnold hotwires the newly-stolen car but ignores the keys behind the sun visor, and I silently root for Arnold to clock the annoying little twerp.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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