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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day
There's more voice-over on the way to Cyberdyne, but I'm getting kind of tired of Sarah's raspy monotone. The four of them walk into the spacious Cyberdyne atrium, and Dyson banters (poorly) with Security Guard Carl. Carl doesn't want to allow visitors in the lab, but when it turns out they have guns and duct tape, there isn't much he can do about it. They should have hid the body better than tossing it in the men's room, because Security Guard Gibbons finds him right away and sets off a silent alarm. Dyson's card suddenly won't open the locker where the Required Second Security Key to the vault is kept. John's ATM-cracking device will open it, though. He tells the others to proceed to Dyson's lab and start smashing stuff while he gets in here. The security guards in the lobby are on the phone to the police describing the intruders and telling them to send everything they've got. Dyson's able to get into his lab (even though all the locks have been shut down because of the silent alarm) because he has a "personal entry code." No, that doesn't work. But Arnold's ridiculously explosive weapon works fine. It also sets off the Halon fire extinguishing gas, so he brings out a pair of breathing apparatus for Sarah and Dyson. At the Dyson home, Officer Robert studies the carnage while his police radio tells him about the people breaking into Cyberdyne. I have to compliment the security guards on the remarkably accurate descriptions they must have given, because the radio knows that one of the suspects is Connor Comma Sarah. So I guess they must have fed the description into the police database and gotten an exact match, right? Or driven over some mug books to get a positive ID? Many police show up outside Cyberdyne, including a SWAT team van and a helicopter, which uses its searchlight to scan through the windows. The massing of forces suggests that there will be another action sequence soon. Inside, John's ATM-cracking device has worked, and he has the second key they'll need to get into the vault, but he sees the helicopter outside, and accurately concludes that this is "not good." In the lab, barrels of DANGER: FLAMMABLE are being wired up when John shows up. "Police?" "Yeah." "How many?" "All of 'em, I think." Heh. Sarah will finish planning the detonation, and Arnold will take care of the police, although apparently he won't be killing anybody. Kicking a desk through a window, he walks into the beam of a searchlight with his mini-gun. Surprisingly, he does not obey the order to lay down his weapon, choosing instead to shoot up all the police cars in the parking lot. The rain of bullets chases the various police out of the way, and he uses his Improbably Big Exploding Gun to blow up a few cars. His computer-vision informs him there were no human casualties, and he casually walks away from the window, ignoring the covering fire.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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