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Terminator 2: Judgment Day

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Proceeding to emote all over the place, Sarah insists that everyone in the room is "dead already", because of that whole their-future-is-her-past thing I covered in that parenthetical statement up there. Scream, scream, scream. In the videotape. But the real Sarah is "much better now". She's acting calm so she can be transferred to the minimum security wing and have visitors. The doctor is unconvinced by her conversion, since "you told me on many occasions how you crushed [a Terminator] in a hydraulic press." Playing along, Sarah admits that if she had, there would be some evidence. And she can't think why "the Company" would cover it up. Cut to the Company, and imagine my surprise. A flunky with a can of Pepsi wants Mr. Dyson's attention, because Dyson needs to sign "it" out. Does Mr. Dyson know where "it" came from? "Don't ask." Gosh! This certainly is a mystery! Their clever wordplay has left me completely at a loss. What could "it" possibly be? They stretch the suspense out a good 45 seconds before revealing that "it" is a little piece of vaguely computer-looking material. Right next to a big robot arm that may well have come from a Terminator that got crushed in a hydraulic press in an earlier movie. I guess they showed us that part in case we thought Sarah was crazy, although I don't see how that hypothesis explains the scenes of robots crushing skulls, to say nothing of Naked Arnold and Naked Robert. Back in the hospital, Sarah seems to think there's a chance she'll get put in minimum security. But Dr. Condescension is having none of that; he's not fooled by her cunning lies. He knows she's just pretending not to believe in Terminators. So to convince him of her sanity, she lunges over the desk at his throat. That'll show him. It's a good thing there's a steady supply of burly orderlies to sedate her. If that's the sound of a two-stroke engine, we must be following John and his little pal again. John takes his motorcycle into one of those concrete embankments you get in Los Angeles that look like dried-up artificial riverbeds. I've just described it perfectly accurately, and you have no idea what it is, right? Try this: remember where they had the race at the end of Grease? There you go. As they pass under an overpass (um, or something), Arnold drives by, sees them, and his computer-vision says "Target Acquired". You notice how we haven't seen any of Robert's computer-vision? That's because we're supposed to be thinking Arnold's the bad guy. See? See? I'm not crazy.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles




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