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I Shot the Sheriff, But I Did Not Choke the Deputy
Another deputy and the Sheriff are inspecting Sarah's jeep for clues -- wait! It's Connor Trinneer playing the Sheriff! Apart from our dear keckler, he was the reason I watched all four seasons of Enterprise. While the deputy jumps to conclusions from the evidence, Sheriff Tripp seems to be the nicer one, reminding the deputy that Sarah hasn't been proven to have done anything wrong. They head over to the hospital where Sheriff Trip is impressed Sarah pulled out her needle, broke a window and choked out a deputy (which I first heard as "chucked out a deputy" and I was impressed Sarah had thrown the guy out the window), drawling, "She is, as they say, accustomed to her circumstance". I'm too busy waiting for him to order a plate of catfish and pecan pie to say Bingo. Choked-out deputy informs the others that Dr. Felicia Burnett didn't show up for work today and Sheriff Trip finally takes a tiny step to where the conclusions are and seems angrily dismayed that "Felicia" has disappeared. I miss this, as I'm too busy squealing that Trip's sweetie is named Felicia (close enough, I'll take it!) and will be in denial for the next 40 minutes.

Felicia shows a sense of humor as she informs Sarah of the two things she needs to know about the bullet removal: "This is going to hurt. And second, this is really going to hurt". She also proves she aced Being a Hostage 101 by asking about Sarah's son. Sarah snaps back at first, but relents and tells Kyle, standing off to the side, about John -- again paralleling Reese from The Terminator as we get possibly our only ever Kyle-finds-out-about-John scene: "You'd trust him. There's a strength about him". Kyle adds, "I'd die for John Connor". Sarah: "I'd die for my son".

Riley scene. I like to state that first so you can skip it if you want, however I am quite happy that my fears of this episode being a Riley-suicide-angst-fest were unfounded. John and Cameron visit Riley in her room where she calls herself an idiot and I agree. John doesn't, but Riley asks them to leave because she's tired. Cameron stays just long enough after John to creep Riley out -- which is about 0.01 of a second.

Sarah wakes up to Kyle at the end of her bed quoting John's message to her from The Terminator: "You must be stronger than you imagine you can be. You must survive or I will never exist". Sarah says that she's not strong enough and is going to die. Kyle says, "Buck up, little soldier!" Or maybe Sarah actually wakes up shouting his name and reaching for a gun. She is so well trained -- I wake up reaching for the snooze alarm or a cup of coffee. Felicia and Kyle convince Sarah that as the bullet is next to the femoral artery, Felicia needs to take Sarah back to the hospital to operate. Members of my household are excited about the possibility of fountains of blood.

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